January 26th: First Anniversary of the Supplica Perpetua

One year to the day this devotion began, the wicked prime minister of Italy resigned. This is the power of Our Lady. Let us keep praying this devotion every night for the defeat of the Church of Darkness.

FromRome.Info broadcasted live from the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore at Midnight on Jan. 25-26th, to commemorate the First Anniversary of the Perpetual Supplica to Our Lady, Salus Populi Romani.

Transmission began at 11:30 PM Rome Time, and Br. Bugnolo gavee a lenghty talk on the Role of Our Lady in the history of Salvation with appropriate remarks about current events.

The transmission will be in English and Italian.


FromRome.Info trasmetteva in diretta dalla Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore a mezzanotte del 25-26 gennaio, per commemorare il primo anniversario della Supplica Perpetua alla Madonna, Salus Populi Romani.

La trasmissione è iniziata alle 23:20 ora di Roma, e Fr. Bugnolo ha dato un lungo discorso sul Ruolo della Madonna nella storia della Salvezza con opportune osservazioni sugli eventi attuali.

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4 thoughts on “January 26th: First Anniversary of the Supplica Perpetua”

  1. Hello, thank you for modifying your comment features for those who don’t have WordPress 🙂

    Congratulations on 1 year of Supplica! Although it may sometimes seem like you are pushing a rope up a mountain, I believe your efforts are spreading across the world and changing things. 🙂

    You mentioned confession – what do we do if we don’t have a trustworthy priest these days, and can’t make a full confession? Is Spiritual Confession/Communion ok?

    Perhaps you would one day consider writing an article on Our Lady of Good Success, if you consider those prophecies to be applicable now?

    I also wanted to commend you on your Studium Scholasticum Institute, Scholastic Method course goals and text translation – that’s massive! A Herulean effort!

    Pax Christi!

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