The Borg Collective has arrived…

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The psychological control of the Matrix is now complete. You can see it. It is palpable. And alas all the talking heads, nearly, are plugged into it.

Yesterday they said Trump is the President, Trump won and Biden was stealing the election.

Today they are saying Biden is the president and Trump has gone into retirement.

Their attention is now on Biden, as president, awful to them as that may be.

It’s like 2013.

There is absolutely no critical thinking about the narrative. Just acceptance.

Like a TV set, when you turn the channel, remembers nothing of what it displayed a moment before.

The Borg Collective has arrived.

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2 thoughts on “The Borg Collective has arrived…”

  1. Ah dear, that TV channel comparison is a perfect metaphor. The very mechanism of diabolical disorientation.

  2. I think our attention has to be focused on Christ the King. How else can we hope to keep our souls safe and our hearts pure? Looking to any princes or paparazzi and waiting for answers to our agony is like looking into a kaleidoscope for truth and logic.

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