7 thoughts on “How to refuse the Vaxx and not end up in a Concentration Camp”

  1. Step 4: The Government closes all your bank accounts, seizes all your property, and takes you and your family to a Concentration Camp.

  2. The graphic in this post is rather insidious. Step 1, in bright red letters, tells the reader NOT to refuse the vaccine. Additional verbiage about being considered “belligerent” implies the possibility of coercive violence. This negative command is the entire message. Everything else is camouflage designed to distract the consumer. This sort of underhanded ruse, government programming masquerading as friendly information, is a psyop tactic known as cognitive infiltration.

    1. I think you misunderstand the intent of the graphic: it is designed to offer a way to be excused from the vaccine without causing the kind of confrontation that could be used to escalate the legal obligation or condemn the person for being ideologically opposed. The statement “not to refuse” does not mean never to refuse, but to not say that one refuses, and as the following points show, to refuse without refusing the vaccine, by refusing on attenuating circumstances of its manufacture or effects. — This is a subtle and effective strategy when you are dealing with a NAZI state, which is what we are dealing with.

      1. The tactic of cognitive infiltration must be thoroughly understood prior to assessing the understanding put forth in my previous comment. Familiarity with concepts like mindwar and psychological operations will provide necessary context.

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