Parler Founder asks you to forget what just happened

The phrase, “Check your baggage at the door”, means put on a face to hide what you really think and do. It is a classic code phrase used by sodomite clergy to remind their disciples to pretend to be straight in public.

Do Catholics really want to participate on a social media platform where the founder spews out gobblygook like this?  Maybet the attack on Parler by Amazon is itself another theatre act, to prevent real uncontrolled opposition from arising. A sort of theatre du terror.

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6 thoughts on “Parler Founder asks you to forget what just happened”

    1. This comment from him shows that he has moved his platform to a company which will give him rules about what can and cannot be said, and which, as is obvious from his statement, is part of that political faction which is in favor of the usurpation.

  1. They, these “Masters of the Universe”, think they’re so clever—banning everyone who’s not of their persuasion and censoring what they don’t want to hear or let others hear. It is deplorable, but in a sense they’re also doing the disidents a favour: by no longer allowing the godly on their platforms they are effectively forcing the godly to use other, more private means, to communicate among themselves if they’re savvy enough to think outside the box. Frankly, I don’t get the fascination with social media and the obsessive insistence of people to remain there in spite of being abused, humiliated, doxed, etc., etc. There are still options out there. Sure, the alternatives might not be as fancy as FB or Twitter but the old, text-only chat channels networks are still operating.

    1. Sure, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and USENET newsgroups still exist, some of them moderated if they’re on private servers, others wide open, but which ones are worth our time?

  2. John Matze is a Patsy! A pre-planted victim. He chose to host all his servers and all their backups on AWS, which means he chose to have no backups elsewhere, not even a once-daily full-system snapshot which could be moved to different servers. And they stored their forum messages in UNENCRYPTED plain-text so after they locked him out of all access they had AWS employees searching for posts to label as improper or maybe even fabricate fake posts.

    John Matze is a former employee of AWS and that’s the explanation he gave in a recent interview for having everything in AWS hands. John “trusted them because [he] knew them.”

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