10 thoughts on “Trump nixes idea of Patriot Party, say he will never run again”

  1. Here we go Catholics. This is our chance to hijack the dead conservative MAGA movement to mean:

    Make America God’s Again

  2. Wondering if his swift exit and thumbs down to possible leadership in a new Patriot, or Christian “MAGA” party, have anything to do with Mr. Trump’s adhering to the “secrets for success” in his book Art of the Deal: imagination, skill at juggling provisional commitments, and a true trader’s instinct?

    1. He is out to protect his brand, and he is retreating from politics to do it. That is all. Let us accept the reality. He took no leadership position after Jan. 6, quite the contrary.

  3. Oh well, we could not have expected anymore. Hell, look at how many priests and prelates have abandoned their sheep. I’m just not disappointed anymore.

    1. Publicity, and activism. He never said he would not be an activist. But he is not going to run for office. This is a supped up approach that every outgoing president makes. Trump just knows how to do with with greater panache.

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