How to refuse the Vaxx

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5 thoughts on “How to refuse the Vaxx”

  1. The Hippocratic Oath was changed in the 1960s from a moral & ethical oath to a secular one. This allowed abortion, euthanasia, withholding of food & water etc. to be introduced at the behest of governments & legislators. If they follow through with the threat of a cashless society where banking facilities are for those who comply, i.e. your present bank card will not work therefore no way for buying food, paying households bill e.g. electrical, water, gas etc. then we are facing genocide. All government lackeys have been bought by Soros & NWO friends & Trump’s business loans from same source made him inept from prosecuting them. Money is the root of everything in this world, even the Vatican.

    1. Yes, it was changed. I once witnessed someone boasting how a revered relative of his was involved in the changing of the ‘outdated’ Hippocratic Oath into something more amenable to ‘modern realities’. And even if it had not been changed, who takes oaths seriously nowadays? They can’t even keep their baptismal promises or marital vows, much less an oath. They don’t even believe it’s a mortal sin to break an oath. Heh, they don’t believe in sin anymore. So, what’s to stop them?
      The injection thing will be phased in piecemeal, in insidious stages.Currently we are in the smooth-talking phase. Cartoonist Ben Garrison summarised it very well: “At first, the politicians will try to make getting vaccines a happy event. It’s ‘science’ they say. Aren’t you happy to get it so we can end the pandemic? It won’t end anything. Social distancing and the masks will remain. Even Dr. Fauci said this. If we refuse to take their vaccine, we will soon enter the bargaining phase. “You will get a bailout check if only you take the vaccine.” From there, it will quickly morph into the threat phase. “You can’t travel without proof of the vaccine.” Then more conditions will be added. You won’t be able to travel at all without proof. Your kids won’t be able to go to school without it. You won’t be able to buy stuff at stores. Amazon included. Without vaccination you must stay in place. If you don’t, you will be arrested. Even if you do stay home, they know where you are. Makes it easier for them to round up the unvaccinated and pack them off to a gulag.” (
      It’ll go the same as it went with masks: first the ‘experts’ said they were useless, then they turned on a dime and said they were ‘recommended’ and governments strongly suggested but did not make them mandatory—said they wouldn’t make them mandatory, but then private enterprise started demanding their use in order to provide services or access to stores, when most of the population were wearing them either out of conviction or through pressure, then and only then the govt’s made them mandatory by law. Masks were the pilot program. Some tried to warn others that the Mask of the Beast was the forerunner of the Mark of the Beast, but essentially nobody listened.

  2. If we hadn’t all gone with the convenience of cards, “paperless billing” , shopping on line, and instead were countercultural and used cash and not become dependent on the internet, they might not have such power over us now.

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