Bergoglian Archdiocese of New York to sell sacred masterpiece

“Our institutions are not meant to be museums or relics, kept simply because of their architecture or style,” says Joseph Zwilling, representative of the New York City Archdiocese.

Statements like this help you distinguish the parasites in the Church from the Church. Parasites eat and devour the work of past generations, and to such as these Churches have value only when sold. — The Church shown below, is All Saints Church. It was build by poor Irish immigrants in Harlem. It contains numerous masterpieces of stain glass and architecture. It was closed in 2015.

The Archdiocese of New York City holds that Bergoglio is the true Pope.  This case about All Saints is a perfect example of what that means.

Click image to read the whole article, which appears in the New York Post.

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2 thoughts on “Bergoglian Archdiocese of New York to sell sacred masterpiece”

  1. Is it better for those old sacred sites to be demolished rather than misused possibly for evil? Remember the New Orleans priest who did satanic rituals in his church in 2020? I’m not being facetious… I think we should consider what should be done with sacred items. The old Christians left a lot of their buildings, wealth and wisdom to be used by Moslem conquerers. In modern days there have been several thefts of sacred blood from Churches (2014, 2016, 2020), presumably to be used in Satanic rituals. Maybe it is better to salt the earth/scorched earth? Better to put things to a dignified end rather than see it violated by Christ’s enemies? Is there any theological guidance?

    1. There is a ritual for the rededication of Churches which have been desecrated. Nearly all the Churches of Europe during the Napoleonic era were desecrated and rededicated.

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