How the propaganda of the Enlightenment imprisons us from the Truth

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One thought on “How the propaganda of the Enlightenment imprisons us from the Truth”

  1. When a student of European History I had a great Professor who made sure we understood the propaganda of the “Dark Ages”. We learned about the importance of the Medieval Period as the repository of Greek and Roman Thought, and the valiant efforts of clerical scribes in preserving these underpinnings of western civilization. In addition, much time was spent discussing the 12th Century Renaissance, which allowed the flowering of social, political and economic systems and intellectual and scientific growth. Much of it supported by the Roman Catholic Church. The real reason the men of the Enlightenment disparaged the Medieval Period is because it was firmly rooted in the Roman Catholic Faith and the love of Jesus Christ. It is important to remember that even our Enlightenment founding fathers here in the U.S. were DEISTS and not christians in the way we as Catholics understand it. There is also much to be unpacked as far as the role of the Reformation and the Protestant Work Ethic in the dehumanizing of traditional Roman Catholic morality and ethics. I could write a book about these issues…

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