Catholics in the USA: Our time has now come!

OUR TIME HAS COME! — The Democrat and Republican Parties have imploded. Trump has conceded and resigned from politics as a candidate. You are now put on notice.

No more need to serve the Masonic political theatre.

We need to strike out and fight for Christ!

This is where all the talk about the social Reign of Christ and all the prayers for the restoration of His Kingdom among men HIT THE ROAD!

Join the Catholic Party for America, and use this banner ad in email, social media, and on your blogs, to spread the word. Let’s recruit 30 Million Catholics this year.

We can do this, if we just stop putting ourselves at the center, and begin to truly serve Jesus Christ!

This holy work will oppose the Apostate government of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, and the shameful godless politics of the good for nothing Episcopal Conference that has the shame to give lip service at best, and rarely, to Jesus Christ our Savior.


Make America Catholic Again!

Restore the Christian Republic!

Click the banner to learn more.

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