Deep State cancels WallStreetBets to send us a message

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A group of amateur investors gathered together on Discord via a Reddit group for option buyers. The group quickly attracted 250,000 members and was instrumental in destroying the short positions of several Wall Street Firms who were betting on certain stocks falling in price. One of these was GameStop, the popular video game retailer in the USA.

A short sale is a stock position in which an investor agrees with a brokerage who holds the stock to buy the same number of shares back for the brokerage after a certain length of time, regardless of the price of the stock. It is a high risk investment strategy, which is calculated to bring huge profits if the stock price falls, but result in ruinous fees if the price increases.

The effort of the WallStreetBets in raising GameStop stock up by 1700% destroyed all investors who were betting it would go down.

In response, the real power in the USA, the Masonic Banks — aka the Deep State — took immediate revenge, and got Discord, the online social interaction site for live video and audio, to pull their chat room server, effectively erasing all the social media interaction and connection of 250000 individuals.

In this, the Deep State has sent us all a clear message, and Ian Miles Cheong put his finger on it.


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