Nick Sandmann dumps Lin Wood

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This is my commentary on the news reported in the above article. (Click the image to read the article.)

Nick Sandman is the Catholic youth who was publicly ridiculed and calumniated by the MSM after appearing in a prolife rally in Washington D. C.. He was at that time a private figure, and so he had grounds to sue for defamation. Having won several cases and still being engaged in others, he is now a public figure.

He had retained one of the best defamation defense lawyers in the country, Lin Wood, from Georgia. Wood is an avid supporter of President Trump and being warned of the intended electoral count fraud, to be perpetrated by Pence on January 6, Wood in December tweeted out that firing squads should be formed and Pence should be first. It was obvious hyperbole.

But in the Masonic system of the U.S.A., indiscretions which are made by enemies of the Deep State are considered impardonable. Following their commission the entire political and economic apparatus shun the “perpetrator”.

It is surprising that Sandmann a Catholic reacted this way by dumping his best lawyer. Wood in a public statement said that Sandmann was working to get Mitch McConnell, GOP Senate Minority leader, elected.

Sandmann in my opinion was poorly counseled. I would not be surprised he loses the rest of his cases or comes out with a lot less.

As he is already personally worth more than Mitch, why he would be taking counsel with him is inexplicable. And why he would make a move which appears to be calculated to gloss over the high crime of Mike Pence makes no sense.

As a Catholic I had a lot of hope in this young man. I have lost it reading this news.

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2 thoughts on “Nick Sandmann dumps Lin Wood”

  1. Nick: Poorly counseled for sure. Innocence sadly used by McConnell. McConnell is the Republican RHINO who should be IMPEACHED ! He and his wife (because of his wife) have dealings with China. They are just as guilty of deals with foreign interests as Neil Bush and the Bidens. ________________________________

  2. Most Catholics have been so brainwashed that they can no longer see the enemy clearly, and you can blame the worthless shepherds most Catholics have been subjected to who no longer shepherd their flocks but fleece them for their own personal gain.

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