The New Government in Italy will be pro Vaxx

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The news out of Italy is horrific. All the options on the table for the formation of a new government coalition are pro-Vaxx.  Renzi, who broke with the government last week, because, he said, the response to the Pandemic was unconstitutional and threatening Democracy, has just stated that the goal of any new government should be mass vaccination!

These monsters are plotting the death of a nation.

The possible plans which present viable majorities in both the Senate and Camera all include the current ruling parties, M5S (5 Star Movement) and the PD (Democrat Party). All are agreed that they are working for the salvation of the nation — By this they mean their own careers and pensions — And all are agreed not to call snap elections, because they would all be wiped out politically forever.

It is literally a government from Hell, where like demons they fight over the thrones of oppression of the people.

Finally, since M5S insists that Giuseppe Conte, the Dictator, return as Prime Minister (in Italy the official title is President of the Council of Ministers), it appears that Conte will return to destroy Italy for a third time.

All of the parties mentioned above also agree on another thing: Matteo Salvini will never get back in government. Salvini is also provaxx, but he is publicly and universally hated by the Left, like Trump is by the Left in the USA, as part of the theatre to make the people believe they are living in a democracy rather than a demon-arcracy.

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