Video YT erased, reaches 372K views on third-party channel

Br. Bugnolo: It’s my now famous, “Truth” video. — And no, I am not a priest. Someone saved the video and uploaded it, without my knowledge, but with my blessing. — Here we see the saying of Our Lord fulfilled: a prophet is never accepted in his own land. Though I am not a prophet, those who know of me never took this video that seriously. But those who do not know me, heard the message and spread the truth, as Christians ought to. — And that makes it worth the strike on my YT channels and my blacklisting on their platform.

Original – Youtube

In addition, I have just been informed that the video has multiplied itself on Rumble!

Version 1 -Rumble

Version 2 – Rumble

Version 3 – Rumble

Version 4 – Brighteon

At Bitchute there are 38 versions of this video, which you can find through this search.

Including that by Jim Fetzer, who seems to have gotten the trend started there on Jan. 3, 2021:

There is one at Vimeo:

And one at

But the Polish gentleman who uploaded this video to Bitchute, had it erased after it got 400K views.


21 Elderly killed by Pfizer Vaccine in same Rest Home at Como, Italy

The news is horrific. This Pfizer Vaccine is more deadly than the flu it is supposed to cure.

Click the image to read the article in Italian.

Twenty-one dead.

85 out of 93 persons infected!

91% of those receiving care in the facility!

54 of he workers now test positive!

All had taken the Pfizer Vaccine and were in good health.

90% of the residents had received the Vaccine willingly. It was only the first dose.  The second dose will be on Feb. 6.

One can only imagine the results of the second dose!

A Church which abandons Apostolic Discipline is not Christ’s

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It has to be said, not because it has not been said, but because there are so many faithless heretical catholic talking heads out there who pretend and present themselves as faithful Catholics. Invariably they are laymen and more often than not sporting the beards of men while they promote effeminacy in the Faith.

So I will say it.

A Church which abandons Apostolic Discipline is not Christ’s Church. Christ’s Church keeps that discipline, which Christ gave Her to preserve Her. The others will have the Gates of Hell prevail over them.

And indeed, abandoning Apostolic Discipline is surrender to Satan.

Of what discipline do we need to speak?

The discipline of refusing the Sacraments of the living, to those who are dead: the Sacraments of Marriage, Ordination, Baptism and and Holy Communion. And of shunning those who by their public life and reputation certify that they are objectively spiritually dead. Shunning them out of true love, so that they repent, without which they cannot participate in Church life or functions.

If your Diocese is allows the divorced and/or remarried to receive the Eucharist, it is not the Church of Christ.

If your Diocese is allows sodomites to receive the Eucharist, it is not the Church of Christ.

If your Diocese is allows Marxists to receive the Eucharist, it is not the Church of Christ.

If your Diocese is allows pubic sinners to receive the Eucharist, it is not the Church of Christ.

The Church headed by Pope Benedict XVI has never approved such abominations

But the church of the antichrist approved it in Amoris Laetitia.

The Church of the Antichrist is headed by a black pope. That of Christ, by a pope who still dresses and signs as the Pope.


The Coming Global Economic Dictatorship and how to avoid it

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

By way of understanding my comments there, please watch this program by James Corbett on Survival Currency which poses the problem and reviews the issue.

He discusses among other things, hard currencies and bartering, which being an anthropologist, I advise are the best options to the problem which is heading toward us all like a speeding, out of control train: the complete financial isolation of political dissidents.

The weakness of his counsel is that he suggests forms of exchange and currency which require that the exchange be supported by things which the State can or will control, such as the power grid, corporations, legal structures etc..

But in all cases, the key to making any survival currency work is the need that someone take the risk to be the intermediary, someone take the initiative to be the promoter, and that groups begin not only to use the alternative methods but have community understanding of its advantages. Or in other words, building a trust system.

For example, as regard hard currencies, such as precious metals, there are already businesses licensed to buy and sell the metals. But there are no intermediaries between them and retailers to exchange the metals as currency. If individuals can work out how to facilitate that while managing the risk, such intermediaries will enable local businesses and residents readily begin to use precious metals in financial exchanges.

For the barter system, likewise, there is needed individuals to start barter warehouses, where items can be stored in quantity as a way to facilitate the rapid exchange of things for things through local businesses and individuals.

For labor credit systems, similarly, there is a need for someone to regulate and systematize the change of the credits.

All such middlemen will eventually become the promoters and protectors of the liberty of humanity.

From my limited knowledge of finance and financial laws, it appears to me that only the barter system could not be outlawed by the State, since it is based on the physical exchange of things, all of which exchanges the State could never control without destroying or denying private property itself — a thing which however is conceivable and has been done in Marxist dictatorships.

A system to rapidly grow barter systems.

For this and for the facilitation of the exchange of precious metals, one can create such an intermediary authority simply by issuing a standardized parallel non-governmental paper certificate of acquisition at the time of purchase of the item by which the price of the item was established in the local currency.

Such certificates authenticate the authenticity and value of the item exchanged or bartered and the date upon which such valuation was made and provide a handy way for others to exchange the item according to a standardized valuation in the local currency, or in the case of precious metals, to certify they have been acquired or sold locally at authorized vendors. All one needs to do is to print up such serialized non sequentially numbered certificates and make agreements with merchants to issue and accept them with their own proper marks as countersigns — assigning for example the right to issue such certificates only to them — at the time of sale or exchange of an item which is not yet so certified. Since every certificate accompanies a real thing, item, or merchandise, counterfeiting is neigh impossible or useful, for since the value is in the item, not in the certificate, the potential receiver of the item can immediately verify its value and know from the local merchants, who to contact to so verify it if it be in doubt. Obviously, here, I am speaking of non consumable items of exchange, whose value does not decrease with time. And if one had a barter warehouse in the local area, the deposit of certain items could take place to facilitate the exchange of cumbersome items.

Such a certificate with wide social acceptance will itself in time  become the private guarantor of all new forms of currency. The standardization of such certificates by local private investors will be the way forward and out of the control of globalists. And since neither paper nor the receipt can be outlawed, without the NWO itself losing control of the populace, such a method of intermediary authentication appears to be invincible.

Here is a case example to illustrate how such a system could work:

Mr. Johnson has a blue ware tea cup, but needs to buy food. He takes the cup to an antiquarian shop, which acquires it from him in exchange for an autograph by Winston Churchill. The antiquarian issues 2 certificates, each of equal value, say 200 pounds sterling, certifying the acquisition or sale of each item. Each certificate bears the mark of the Antiquarian shop and date.  Mr. Johnson then takes the autograph of Winston Churchill with the accompanying certificate valuing it at 200 pounds sterling, to his local supermarket, where he buys groceries by exchanging the autograph and certificate. The manager of the supermarket takes the certificate and autograph to the locale barter warehouse  and exchanges it for currency or goods to be sold in his supermarket. Mr. Thompson has his groceries, and both the tea cup and the autograph are now mediums of exchange in the local economy. The certificate remains with the thing, while the receipts which are issued in accord with civil law, at time of sale, remain in the hands of the ones originally acquiring the item.

The certificates facilitate exchange by giving an authoritative evaluation upon the item, thus reducing risk and building a trust system. Those issuing the certificates are registered as recognized authoritative evaluators.

The barter warehouse can shield itself from risk by selling items, which it has already acquired, in cash for higher values than the certificates indicated, at which time the certificate is destroyed, and or reissued at a higher valuation.

This concept of barter certificates can be rapidly expanded to large portions of the economy because of its simplicity of removing all evaluation and state control from the State and moving back to the private sector.

Parts of this system include nationwide: the Association of Registry Agents, the Association of Barter-warehouses, the Businessmen authorized to issue certificates, the Businesses which agree to accept bartered items so authenticated and a Brokerage for bartered exchanges.

The Association of Registry Agents authorizes an individual in each town to establish a registry of Businessmen authorized to issue certificates, and prints standardized serialized certificates and sells them to the businessmen, and surveils their usage in the town. Businessmen register with the agent, who then maintains an official registry of their marks and items which they are authorized to so authenticate the value.

The Association of Barter warehouses lists and certifies those individuals running such operations in each locale and sector of the economy and coordinates the relations of the wider business community in their dealings with the entire system, by promoting knowledge of this method of exchange and overseeing the quality and regulation of the warehouses and consumer complaints, so that local registry agents know who to entrust with the redemption of the items so authenticated.

The Brokerage for Bartered Exchanges would facilitate the geolocation of items in Barter warehouses and Businessmen interested in acquiring items by certain categories. It would act as an intermediary in the purchase and sale of such items from warehouses and thus facilitate the mutual exchange over the entire nation of the items so acquired by the warehouses, reducing their risk, while adding value to items which are of an interest to prospective acquisitioners, not locally, but nationwide. The Bartered Exchanges would give guidance to the evaluation of items to both Businessmen issuing the certificates and warehouses redeeming them.

The system could be expanded to include services by issuing certificates for the exchange of work, which would be redeemable only by the worker receiving them at a business participating in the above described system. These work certificates would be sold to employers, for cash or other bartered items (e.g. products made by employer) and be pre-denominated receipts, by one or more of the national agencies,

In this way one creates a trust system to promote barter for all items physical or intangible, and replace State backed currency completely.

Finally, the barter system so envisioned can be proposed to the national association of pawn brokers and licensed precious metal retailers as a way of creating quickly a nationwide system which would be most apt to grow the businesses of their members.

The Delirium of the Italian President

Political commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

After 32 hours of consultations with the factions in the Italian Parliament, the Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, addressed the nation last night with a completely psychotic discourse.

According to the President, whose family has strong ties to the mafia according to popular consensus, the real crisis in Italy is the lack of responding to the war against the Virus, the economic suffering of the people — as if it was not caused by the previous government which he sustained — and the lack of cohesion in the government to work with Europe and accept their usurious loans.

Not the international and national conspiracy to destroy the middle and lower classes and all businesses not controlled by the Globalists with a fake pandemic and draconian dictatorial irrational and unscientifically based regulations at all levels!

The read reading of his discourse could be interpreted theatrically in an Italian opera like this:  If I accept calls to dissolve parliament and call for snap elections, then I risk going to prison for the rest of my life along with the entire government for our crimes against humanity in pushing a fake pandemic and destroying the Italian people and economy in a way worse than occurred by the defeat of Italy in the Second World War.  I must save myself and my compatriots in the Great Reset and avoid being hung by the mob by every means possible. Even if this means the extermination of millions by suicides, bankruptcies, unemployment, starvation and vaccination by deadly and unending injections.

Matteo Salvini, who is no less obsessed with mass vaccination, at least said a big truth during his discourse three hours before:  The present political coalition in Parliament is holding Italy hostage. While the Center Right Coalition governs 14 of the 20 regions of Italy and could easily provide a strong government coalition if the President calls snap elections. Here are his exact words.

Salvini’s obsession with mass vaccination seems to have to do with the fact that his girlfriend is the daughter of a high Freemason. A true populist he is not.

CREDITS: Featured image is the official photograph of the President from the Quirinale, taken from this source and in the public domain.

YouTube demonetizes Italian counter-Scamdemic channels

English Summary & Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this video, Francesco Amodeo, one of the leading socialist political critics of Globalism in Europe, laments that YouTube has begun to demonetize channels in Italy.

He complains that he has always observed YouTube’s rules and has never received a censure or strike, yet was nevertheless demonitized because he went against the narrative being pushed by the New World Order, Great Reset and Globalism.

He rightly characterizes the move by YouTube to be a dishonest attack on free speech, arguing that if he had said anything defamatory of anyone — and it is his habit of always mentioning the names of those of whom he speaks — they could have resorted to the Italian courts to obtain justice.

But they did nothing of the kind.

Which proves that he speaks the truth.

Rather, they demonetized his channel and that of many of his associates and acquaintances to prevent them from earning a living through their counter-narrative programs.

He calls this the beginning of the end for human liberty.

I have observed the same attack on liberty long before this prominent socialist was attacked. Because in June, of 2020 A.D., PayPal shut down the account of Ordo Miltiaris Inc. for no reason at all.  And Stripe followed suit in October. Also without explanation. This NGO only sells flags and bumper-stickers and raises funds for humanitarian relief of Christians. Evidently, these are now both heretical enterprises!

There is a strategic goal of ending all individual independent sources of income and financial activity which are not controlled by the elites. The recent move by RobinHood to stop taking crypo-currency transactions, so as to prevent the group Wall Street Bets from making stock investments which are causing the big trading houses in New York City to lose billions, is another example of the same move.

The Great Reset is about enslaving everyone, and the means the Globalists have chose is to destroy the economic activity of everyone that they do not control.

In the USA this is a federal crime, it is called Racketeering. And that is why when they do it, they do with without explanation or with some cover motive. They attack the little guys, whom they know do not have the political connections or funds to counter with effective legal methods. — This is the worst form of plutocracy.