The Delirium of the Italian President

Political commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

After 32 hours of consultations with the factions in the Italian Parliament, the Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, addressed the nation last night with a completely psychotic discourse.

According to the President, whose family has strong ties to the mafia according to popular consensus, the real crisis in Italy is the lack of responding to the war against the Virus, the economic suffering of the people — as if it was not caused by the previous government which he sustained — and the lack of cohesion in the government to work with Europe and accept their usurious loans.

Not the international and national conspiracy to destroy the middle and lower classes and all businesses not controlled by the Globalists with a fake pandemic and draconian dictatorial irrational and unscientifically based regulations at all levels!

The read reading of his discourse could be interpreted theatrically in an Italian opera like this:  If I accept calls to dissolve parliament and call for snap elections, then I risk going to prison for the rest of my life along with the entire government for our crimes against humanity in pushing a fake pandemic and destroying the Italian people and economy in a way worse than occurred by the defeat of Italy in the Second World War.  I must save myself and my compatriots in the Great Reset and avoid being hung by the mob by every means possible. Even if this means the extermination of millions by suicides, bankruptcies, unemployment, starvation and vaccination by deadly and unending injections.

Matteo Salvini, who is no less obsessed with mass vaccination, at least said a big truth during his discourse three hours before:  The present political coalition in Parliament is holding Italy hostage. While the Center Right Coalition governs 14 of the 20 regions of Italy and could easily provide a strong government coalition if the President calls snap elections. Here are his exact words.

Salvini’s obsession with mass vaccination seems to have to do with the fact that his girlfriend is the daughter of a high Freemason. A true populist he is not.

CREDITS: Featured image is the official photograph of the President from the Quirinale, taken from this source and in the public domain.

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