The 10 Commandments and Judgement

This is a most beautiful video meditation, by Brian Murphy. It is 41 minutes long, but worth the watch.

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One thought on “The 10 Commandments and Judgement”

  1. Very concise summary of the Commandments although, in these CDC-dominated times, so much more could be said about the Third Commandment. We find most of our “shepherds” have become agents of the CDC and with impunity have desacralized Sunday Mass, demanding worship of the “golden calf” virus and surrender to its proprietary dictatorship (muzzling, sterilizing, roping off, herding). We are witnessing not just the hijack of the body (the state, the “Earthly City” ) but of the soul (the Church, the “City of God”).
    “Do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” This happened to have been Aristotle’s expanded definition of the ancient Greek word “idiot.” The “counterfeit Church” (foretold by Blessed Catherine Emmerich) becomes “ever increasingly tepid…the circle of darkness ever widening… I saw in all places Catholics oppressed, annoyed, restricted and deprived of liberty, Churches were closed, and great misery prevailed everywhere…”
    Obedience to the State rather than obedience to Christ.

    Brother Bugnolo denounced (what seems now a long time ago) those who are “preferring the Mass and Communion with living a lie, to no Mass and no Communion living the truth.” Those pushing or implementing the scam are “100% complicit and guilty.”

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