The Catholic Party for America!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Catholic Party for America is the only solution to true liberty and sanity in America and the only party which is anti-masonic and anti-marxist and pro-Christian.  America has been enslaved by Freemasons and taken over by Marxists. We need all to dedicate our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to the cause of Jesus Christ and liberating our nation for Christ our King.

Click the banner ad to visit the website and sign up. Start a State, county or local chapter.  This party was founded by a Roman Catholic, who is a physical descendant of John and Quincy Adams, and a relative of George Washington. Accordingly, it is the only political party with any credibility in the United States.

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To All Catholic Bloggers Who Want Christ To Reign Over America:

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I endorse this as the only party worthy of your vote in the U.S.A.. — As a Catholic, we need to work to Make America Catholic Again! — Join, spread, volunteer: this is true Catholic militancy!

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2 thoughts on “The Catholic Party for America!”

  1. I’ll quote Shlomo Sand, the jewish former tenured professor of history at Tel Aviv University from a Youtube video of the 2-hour talk he gave at NYU on his book tour publicizing his first book, The Invention of the Jewish People. He was talking about his reaction the first time he heard the term “Judeo-Christian.” Prof. Sand speaks five languages, more or less, but his French is better than his English, and he pronounced the term the French way. He first heard the term in Paris after his family in a Romanian refugee camp after WW II was repatriated to Israel and then moved to France.
    Prof. Sand thought the term was the equivalent of marrano, or a jew in Spain who pretended to be a Christian to esacpe the Spanish Inquisition. In 2010 in New York City at NYU he told his audience that he thought the term referred to a Jew in Germany who had pretended to be a Christian to escape persecution. He said “they’re opposites!”

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