How Covid Vaccines are paralyzing their victims

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6 thoughts on “How Covid Vaccines are paralyzing their victims”

  1. ‘Considering we’re also seeing cases in which healthy young and middle-aged individuals die within days of receiving the vaccine, it’s not inconceivable that the vaccine might have something to do with these dramatic rises in deaths among the elderly in various parts of the world. In fact, I’d expect it.

    You can rest assured, however, that the public health authorities and media will not report these observations. Anything that conflicts with vaccine safety and effectiveness will be intentionally and universally buried. This is precisely their modus operandi of the past three decades, so it’s really up to each individual to do their own research.’ (Dr. Joseph Mercola 02/02/21)


  2. Jesus, in your limitless mercy and abiding love for us, please, we implore you, restore these poor victims to their prior state of health. Lord, we ask you to give but a glance in their direction, and they will be made completely well and whole again. Please Lord, hear this prayer, please give these people a sudden and miraculous healing, so that they may be as they were. They will praise you Lord, and so will we. The young lady has faith and relies on you, please do not leave her with this. Help them all we pray.
    Lord God, open our eyes, and help us during these dangerous times, amen. Thank you Lord, for prayers answered!

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