The Scamdemic proves that now only the Immaculate Heart can save us!

This video is by Father Isaac Mary, a confrere of Br. Alexis Bugnolo, from the time they both were members of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. — By “pope”, Father Isaac refers to Bergoglio, not to Pope Benedict XVI.

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11 thoughts on “The Scamdemic proves that now only the Immaculate Heart can save us!”

  1. A priest who is on fire for truth, but suffers from THE false base premise. Father Relyea no doubt is of the opinion that a mighty consensus of Bergoglio and the many bishops in “communion” with him, are necessary for a successful consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Wrong! All that is required is much more achievable – Pope Benedict and those few bishops in communion with him (half a dozen maybe?). So, in His great mercy, Our Lord Jesus Christ has seen fit to make this VERY achievable! Perhaps the time is near? Deo gratias.

    1. For the record, Fr. Isaac Mary has said that those who say that Benedict XVI is still the pope “might very well be right”. — However, connecting the dots takes some time. I took me to 2018 to connect them, and I would never have done so without listening to the argument of Ann Barnhardt several times before I checked the sources.

  2. Dear brother Alexis,

    If you might want to publish this painting, please, be my guest! I made this oilpainting to honour Mother Mary, who presses us all to her loving heart. I thought this fits perfectly in your article about Mary’s Immaculate Heart. The painting, by the way, has also been used in a video about St Margaret Mary Alacoque by Mary’s Dowry Productions in Sussex, UK.

    God bless, Nico M. Peeters

    1. Nico, you put the Super into Super-realism! I particularly liked the more subtle tones of your early aviation diorama.

  3. Fr. Isaac and Padre Pio would have been friends. Give us 1 faithful priest who speaks plainly like this, than 1000 of what we’ve got, silver-tongued helpers of Satan. Yes, Satan, because our church has turned away from Christ and toward the devil. We need bread and we get stones from them. But here is a priest.

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