For the first time in Centuries: Disputed Questions, live from Bagnoregio!

Br. Bugnolo is President of The Scholasticum, an institute of medieval studies for the revival of the Scholastic Method. On March 14, 2021 (the annual celebration of the translation of the relics of St. Bonaventure, at Bagnoregio), Br. Bugnolo will be at Bagnoregio to celebrate the Quaestiones Disputatae of his students at the Scholasticum, on the First Book of Sentences of Master Peter LombardOn the One and Triune God — This will be the first public celebration of Disputed Questions in the tradition of the University of Paris since the Middle Ages. And you can watch live at the Official Channel of the Institute. Here in the above video is the announcement.

Br. Bugnolo asks that you help The Scholasticum get 1000 subscribers before March 14th, by subscribing to their official channel (link here). Thank you!

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