New Draghi Government in Italy, planned by Bilderbergers in 2019

Summary and commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Francesco Amodeo on Aug. 31/Sept. 1, 2020 predicted that the Conte government would collapse at the end of 2020 and be taken down by Matteo Renzi. And so it has happened.

The decision was made at the Bilderberg Meeting in 2019, where Matteo Renzi was asked to break from the Italian Democratic Party so as become the instrument by which the Conte government could be caused to collapse and Mario Draghi could be brought back into power, with the support of Forza Nuova and the Salvini branch of the Lega.

In April 2019, he further predicted that some shock to the economy would be created to justify the change in government. He calls the future Draghi government, the “Goldman Sachs Government”.

So far Forza Nuova and the Lega which is lead by Salvini has not yet signed on.

Italy is in tumult in recent days, after an official state run channel allowed two speakers, a journalist and psychologist, advise the public that it was not opportune that there be new elections, because the center-right coalition would wipe the ruling parties out of power for years, and end up choosing the next President of the Republic!

It is absolutely clear, therefore, that the Italian Parliament is not the government of Italy. The government of Italy is the Bilderberg Masonic Alliance.


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