Archbishop Viganò is getting there, little by little

Little by little it seems that Archbishop Viganò is heading in the right direction. Though he still thinks Bergoglio was validly elected, he now declares him an arch heretic.  So he has moved from the hoodwinkined and submissive to Bergoglio camp, to the camp of the Sediprivationists, who hold that a man can be pope but lose the authority of a pope. — A theological non sequitur, because it presupposes that two contraries are true at the same time of the same person, which is illogical.

Here is the citation of the comments of the Archbishop:

Our obedience has nothing to do with either fearful servility or with insubordination; on the contrary, it permits us to suspend any judgment on who is or is not Pope, continuing to conduct ourselves as good Catholics even if the Pope derides us, despises us, or excommunicates us: because the paradox does not lie in the disobedience of the good against the authority of the Pope, but rather in the absurdity of having to disobey a person who is simultaneously Pope and heresiarch, Athanasius and Arius, one who is de iure light but de facto darkness. 

The paradox is that in order to remain in Communion with the Apostolic See we must separate ourselves from the one who should represent it, and see ourselves bureaucratically excommunicated by one who is an objective state of schism with himself

(Ironically the source of this quote is from this Letter to confused Priests)


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9 thoughts on “Archbishop Viganò is getting there, little by little”

  1. I can only see that Vigano’s position (along with nearly 100% of other “conservative” Catholic authorities) is more concerned about Catholics losing confidence in the ability of the cardinals in discerning and correctly obeying the voice of the Spirit in choosing a pope than he is in Catholics losing confidence in Christ Himself in declaring that He would always have a true to the faith Vicar on earth — though certainly never ever promising a flawless one! This would be the bare minimum for one given the Keys of the kingdom and the ONLY THING THAT DISTINGUISHES HIS CHURCH FROM ALL KNOCK OFF CHURCHES, SOME OF WHOM ARE DOING A BETTER JOB OF SAVING SOULS THAT MOST WHO CALL THEMSELVES CATHOLIC! As an ex-Baptist pastor this just astounds me!

    1. May I ask why you left the Baptist religion and became Catholic? I am a Roman Catholic but have been very awakened by the King James Version and find the Baptist religion to be very positive. I realize the church has been attacked by homosexuals and that mission began in the 1980’s and I realize the Catholic church has had good and bad people come and go. What astonishes me is how I feel the Roman Catholic Church may have deceived me. What is the reason the Audience Hall is shaped like the head of a serpent or snake? Is it so it can appear as though the Pope speaks from the mouth of a snake? As I was feeling drawn to God I was being drawn away from the Roman Catholic church and it’s many statues which is so wrong. I found myself listening to a few Baptist pastors. Help former Catholics comprehend the importance of being Catholic. How can we get past the pagan sun worship and all of the symbolism such as Ishtar being Easter, etc. Help me make heads or tails of this because I am honestly don’t know for certain what the best thing to do here is. How would you explain these things for someone who is on the fence about remaining to be a Roman Catholic?

  2. Vigano is a baby of Vatican II. He cannot quite make the jump to the late Archbishop Lefebvre.

  3. What would happen if Vigano died tonight and met St. Peter at the pearly gates? What would the conversation be?

    Vigano: “Oh glorious patriarch! My dear holy father! What joy to see you in such splendor!”

    St. Peter: You blind hypocrite! How is it that you did not recognize me in Benedict XVI, but in Bergoglio, a false prophet?

    1. This is the manner in which Vigano “recognizes” Benedict XVI — by blaming him MORE than Bergoglio.
      “I would even dare to say, for the sake of completeness, that also the apparently arbitrary renunciation of the exercise of the sacred authority of the Roman Pontiff represents a very grave vulnus to the Papacy, and for this we must consider Benedict XVI responsible more than Bergoglio.”

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