Father James Blount claims mystical visions of Great Darkness


In the notes of this video, it says that this vision took place 2 years ago. — FromRome.Info does not endorse this video nor the book advertisement at the end, but simply posts Father’s testimony for the historical record.

But we should be cautious, because as the Saints say, one who has a vision is rarely given understanding of it.

Here is a video discussion between AJ Baalman and Br. Bugnolo of the rumors and prophecies about the Great Darkness, which explains how to discern between truth and falsehood among them.

Click this image below, to watch that video:

As regards the Prophecy about the Three Days of Darkness discussed in the above video, FromRome.Info has found this article which puts in doubt the authenticity of the text quoted by Baschera, a writer who seems to have made up a lot of things to sell his own books.

Le (presunte) profezie di Padre Pio


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8 thoughts on “Father James Blount claims mystical visions of Great Darkness”

  1. I have listened to and read many such accounts over the years and have endeavored to distill the many interpretations through prayer. For what it is worth, I have found 2 people who appear to me to be salient in these times. Malachi Martin, because of his proximity to the locus of power in the Vatican, experience with the 3rd Secret of Fatima and his spiritual awareness. The other is Gill Broussard because of his comprehensive Biblical and historical research into Planet 7X and its effects on Earth. You can find interviews with Martin online where he describes the catastrophic events described in the 3rd Secret, saying they are more horrible than anyone can even imagine. Broussard reveals how God uses the cosmos to guide human events right down to one second in time. I recommend both, Martin because he was Roman Catholic to the core, used Catholic Prophecy and rightly framed everything in the context of the One True Faith. Broussard because he is a christian steeped in scripture and uses proper scientific methodology. Our Lord Himself said no one knows the day or time except the Father, but he also said observe the signs of the times, and watch the skies.

    1. Alas, Malachi Marty is a self declared blackmailer and is accused of stealing the wives of several men. I would not trust one word he says. He wrote fantastic books to make a buck,

      1. …I think most of that was libel. He understood the depth of corruption in the Vatican, called out the Freemasons, outlined the cover-up of the 3rd Secret of Fatima, and described in detail the Black Mass conducted in the catacombs of St. Peter’s in 1963 dedicating the institutional Roman Catholic Church to Satan. Do you think he could do all that and NOT be attacked? LOL. I stand by my assertion he knew what he was talking about…as for the stories about his private life, I don’t have a rod to measure another man’s soul…

  2. As an addendum, Brother, as a layman I live a consecrated life of chastity. However, I understand that many people, through weakness, are unable to live that life. I am not excusing it, just pointing out that even when people fall in respect to chastity it doesn’t automatically negate everything they say about events, present or future. God has used many people with serious faults for His Plan. King David comes to mind…

    1. This is true, but when a man steals the wife of another, then there is involved not only a fall into a weakness but the malignancy of prevarication and deceit, sustained for days and weeks and years.

      1. I would never take a position defending mortal sin. I still believe Martin revealed many important truths about the Vatican and the Institutional Roman Catholic Church, the 3rd Secret of Fatima and Great Tribulation, and the infiltration of Satanists and the Black Mass of 1963 dedicating the Church to Satan. My focus is on what is coming to us all in the days ahead, and the need to prepare spiritually for the Reign of the Antichrist. I cited 2 sources that I think help in this preparation. However, this is your site, Brother. You will always have the last word, as it should be…

  3. Electricity blackouts are on the increase globally.

    Renewable energy has destabilised electricity grid systems and put under great strain the conventional power plants that now have to operate often in arduous mode to facilitate intermittent renewable energy in the energy mix. Many conventional power plants the backbone of the electricity system are having to skip scheduled maintenance to fill the gap of conventional power plants that are out of service due to having to go on unscheduled maintenance. Also the lifespan of conventional power plants has been shortened as a result of renewable energy on the system. Maybe Fr. Blount knows something on the scientific level about power engineering! And maybe he’s just tuned into what is happening at the spiritual level. Or both!


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