In 7 Minutes, the Italian President brings Democracy to an end in Italy

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, has announced, last night, that the previous government of Giuseppe Conte has failed to offer any plan supported by a majority of both houses of Parliament.

But what he said following was shocking. That the only other solution, to have snap elections, cannot be had because the Scamdemic has to have a government with full powers and not a Parliament paralyzed with popular elections!

In other words, Democracy is no longer necessary. Only oppressing the people with more Scamdemic is necessary as a response to a pandemic which never existed.

Thus, as long as the Virus remains — and all commentators say it will remain forever — allowing the Italian people vote, would be a disaster!

Yes, a disaster to crooks who would be voted out, and replaced by political parties which would put them in jail for life!

Consequently, the President has acted outside of the constitution and entrusted Mario Draghi who is not an elected official, to form a new government.

Italians are outraged.  One YouTuber, seen below, said it succinctly.  In 7 minutes the President has brought democracy to an end in Italy, because, if you can stop elections for a pandemic which does not exist, you can always create new pandemics to prevent future elections.

Italy is in the hands now of the Lodge, no further elections are necessary, because that was the purpose of Democracy all along!

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4 thoughts on “In 7 Minutes, the Italian President brings Democracy to an end in Italy”

  1. Considering these recent developments in Italy it is interesting to point out number four on the hypothetical chronology of prophesied events from “Trial Tribulation & Triumph, Before During and After Antichrist” by Desmond A. Birch,1996
    (1) At some time in the future, the corrupt faithless age we live in now will come to an end either through inner conversion of a sufficient number of people who turn to prayer, sacrifice, and penance, — or there will be a chastisement (which can be ameliorated by a lesser number of people through inner conversion). This would be a Minor Chastisement preceding an Age of Peace. St. Louis De Montfort described this Age of Peace as the Age of Mary.
    (2) If this chastisement is not averted through conversion, the Latin Church will be terribly afflicted by heresy and schism.
    (3) The chastising elements will come in two forms, (a) man-made and (b) Heaven-sent.
    (4) Civil war will break out in FRANCE and ITALY at almost the same time. This is the sign given by many prophets that the Chastisement has begun.
    (5) This will spread to general wars, and, famine and pestilence (the usual by-products of war).
    (6) At the same time there will be civil war on almost a world-wide scale. THIS IS TOTAL CHAOS.
    (7) Earthquakes, tidal waves, floods and all other sorts of “natural” disasters will occur.
    (8) Some Moslems will cause trouble for the Church and Europe in general.
    (9) Somewhere in all of this, an army composed of Russians will invade Western Europe just when everyone thinks this is impossible.
    (10) ENGLAND will suffer a terrible civil war which starts after the French and Italians have gone into theirs.
    (11) The Pope will flee Rome in the company of several other cardinals and go into hiding, be found, and cruelly murdered. What the exact extent of his travels will be we do not know, but some of the prophets state that at one point he will be in Cologne.
    (12) A man who will subsequently be known as a great saint will ultimately be elected pope near the end of the chastisement.
    (13) He will be heavily responsible for the French acceptance of a king to be their military and civil leader.
    (14) The Great Monarch (King) will lead his forces (against terrible odds) until finally, after attending Mass at Bremen, he leads his troops to a victory in Cologne and then their great final victory in Westphalia (The Birch Tree country). It will be obvious to all that Christ – through the agency of His Mother – has taken a direct miraculous hand in the victory.
    (15) The Russians and the Prussians will subsequently be totally defeated by the Great King. Their immediate end will begin when the Great King’s forces (against terrible odds) deliver them a defeat near Cologne. The Russian and Prussians retreat to somewhere in Westphalia, Germany. They are crushed during a battle wherein a miraculous event will turn the tide in favour of the Christian forces.
    (16) At some point, the Great King chases an invading Moslem army back to the Holy Land.
    (17) Somewhere near the end of the chastisement, God sends Three Days of Darkness.
    (18) The three days of darkness probably occur sometime after final and total victory over the Russians and Moslems.

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