Is Benedict still the Pope? — A Forensic Investigation, Part I

On Feb. 11, 2021, we will mark the 8th Anniversary of Benedict’s being forced from power. To understand what Pope Benedict did and did not do, FromRome.Info will publish each day one of the 7 parts of this Documentary, which definitively explains the entire controversy and all the points of canon law involved. — It was first published at Easter of Last year, and no theologian or canonist at Rome has yet refuted it.

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5 thoughts on “Is Benedict still the Pope? — A Forensic Investigation, Part I”

  1. My only question to the SSPX is this- do your bishops and priests think that Benedict or Francis is the pope? I cannot find that answer. A good many SSPX priests preach very orthodox homilies and against Bergoglio. However, one cannot tell by going to the TLM because that part of the Canon is prayed silently by the priest.

    Does anyone have the answer? Or, is the SSPX playing both sides of the fence hoping for a favorable canonical decision regarding the Society?

      1. The article is extremely long. I looked for the bottom line but became too tired. The bottom line is to determine if Benedict’s resignation is valid. I believe it is not valid. Therefore, there is no reason to depose Bergoglio as he is an antipope. However, Bergoglio is a heretic. He is a usurper as all of the cardinals who participated to attempt to make someone pope when the real pope- Benedict- never validly resigned according to Canon law.

      2. I agree with you. However, I didn’t intend for you to read the linked article, only the comment left underneath it at the blog post itself. 🙂 Because you had wondered about the SSPX’s position regarding the question of who is the pope, and it was interesting what “Anonymous” had to say from his/her own experience.

        February 3, 2021 at 1:21 pm
        We greatly respect Father Kramer and are looking forward to his upcoming book.
        GOD BLESS FATHER KRAMER for his courage, diligence, and tenacity in proving the TRUTH THAT BERGOGLIO IS THE COUNTERFEIT pope of the evil counterfeit church.
        We are so disappointed and even disgusted by those leaders who have misled and continue to mislead so many Catholics to believe their manufactured errors of Recognize and Resist.
        We only hope that they will have the courage to correct their dangerous errors because they have led astray many in their attempts to silence those who know with moral certitude that POPE BENEDICT REMAINS POPE and also to dissuade their followers from acquiring the TRUTH.
        Their many uncharitable methods of silencing faithful Catholics include name calling, fomenting chapel group disdain toward those who refuse the Recognize and Resist errors that bergoglio is the pope, while also forcing Catholics to separate from chapels for fear of possible schism from the true POPE BENEDICT XVI .
        These cultish priests have done so much damage, harm, and hurt, and this includes the ones within the so called RESISTANCE that has been seriously divided by its priest leaders.
        Another question remains to be answered- Are these Recognize and Resist priests responsible for the shattered state of the Traditional Catholic Resistance as a result of their PRIDEFUL ADHERENCE to a false pope, jorge mario bergoglio, when there is now proof beyond any doubt whatsoever that the TRUE POPE BENEDICT REMAINS POPE ???

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