Lindell’s Documentary, Absolute Proof Trump won the election

Vimeo erased the video within 120 minutes of FromRome.Info posting it. But Lindell has reposted it on YouTube, which after 2 hours erased it again.

But Lindell reposted it a second time, and here it is.

And it has been posted by a third party on another platform, here:

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16 thoughts on “Lindell’s Documentary, Absolute Proof Trump won the election”

    1. Its being banned as fast as Mike can put it up. If anyone has youtube premium, download it and repost it on other platforms. Let FromRome.Info know of future locations and we will keep active links for it from this page. THANK YOU PATRIOTS IN ADVANCE!

  1. Just so you know, the Lindell documentary has already been deleted from Vimeo. Sylvia

  2. Our Creator has allowed this satanic curse to come upon the U’S’A. Because the so called “Chistian churches” & their doctrines have been fullfill’g ‘The mystery of Lawlessness under the sway of satan,the god of this present ‘endtime ‘age(Rev’n.12v9)&’ turned Grace into Licentioysness’..(Judev4) ~Lookup this word in an accurate dictionary.Even the K.J.V. bible is riddled with misstranslations,of the ‘Tyndale version.,striving to avoid the word lawlessness,~prefering ‘wickedness’. But ‘ SIN’ will always be “the transgression of the Law:”(1st.J’n,3v4) Thus the only choice left for the ‘Evolutionists~’ 50% of society, is wether they climbed from slime, or come from scum.Until the ‘Second Resurrection’~~( Rev’n.20v5)!!

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