Sgarbi bows to the Bilderberger elected: Mario Draghi

His argument is that Mattarella was correct to deny snap elections, and entrust the Repubblic to someone who is an expert.  He promises to vote for the Draghi government. And by this he shows that he was never for the people, only acted to be for the people. He even supports the idea that the Italian President has the right to deny the people to vote for their own government!

He calls on Draghi to end the lockdown to thank the people for accepting his government!

Sgarbi is running for Mayor of Rome in June. His party is called Rinasciamento (Renaissance).

Morris San, at, and Italian language counter-Narrative news site, run from London, was right when he said today that all the political parties in Parliament are the same party, adding an expletive reference to what you find on cattle-paths in the countryside.

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