Submission to the Scamdemic is a consequence of rejecting Jesus Christ

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

No one  comes to God except through Jesus Christ. And no one accepts Jesus Christ unless they believe and live by authentic Christian Faith.

Faith, as St. Thomas Aquinas rightly teaches, is not a sentimental movement of the emotions — as many Protestants erroneously hold — nor the force of the will in a blind trust — as Muslims hold — nor the dead repetitious customs of forefathers as the Pharasees and many modern Jews hold — BUT rather an act of assent of the intellect to all the truths which God has revealed on His authority.

An d not just 1 act, but a HABITUAL act. A habit of mind.

This habit is a rational supernatural act, for it cannot be had but by the grace of God, but also rational because it assents to truth which has manifested itself as being from God, the Creator of reality, with visible verifiable evidence.

But the congruence or fittingness of this act of faith and habit of mind is EMINENTLY humane and fulfills the deepest personal desires and needs of each person.

God is our Father, by adoption, so we have a Paternal Eternal authority, who is not ours by right — to keep us humble — but who is infinitely Good — to fulfill our deepest desire to have a father who is omnipotent and Whose goodness knows no end.

God is our Brother, in Christ, by adoption, Who has sacrificed everything to save us from eternal Hell. What better sibling could we have to accompany and help us and invite us to the House of our Father in Heaven!

God is our Lord and Vivifier, in the Holy Spirit, Who in our darkes hours comes to us to inspire, enlighten, counsel and guide, so that there is no where where we cannot interiorly be renewed no matter how strong the battles, how dark the nights, how obscure the paths, and insolvable the problems.

BUT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ABANDONED Jesus Christ, their souls, who have these needs, find no where the salvation and salve for their souls.

So instead, they seek a Superdominate Paternal in the State, they seek a SuperControlling Fraternal in the Police and Fellow travellers, and a SuperCounselling Daemon in the Main Stream Media.

So they have a false Trinity, and obey this 3 headed beast without question and with deep satisfaction which, though it does not give them eternal hope, suffices to deceive them for the day at hand.


How can so many Catholics go along with the Scamdemic, how so many Bishops push it?

Many Catholics do not have supernatural Faith which is active in their lives. What is active is a habitual repetitious observance without any intervention or motivation from the intellectual assent to God in Christian Faith.  As for Bishops, the hierarchy has been taken over by the Masonic Lodge, the Cardinals have been bought by money and suborned by their personal dirty histories of crimes and abominations.

CREDITS: A Masonic Chapel looks like a Catholic one, just as all false religion apes the true Religion of Jesus Christ. Yet, everything is slightly but intentionally out of place.

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