Viganò should not ignore the precedent of the Synod of Sutri

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Archbishop Viganò has recently admitted that he recognizes that Beroglio is a heseiarch, that is an arch-heretic.

He has also stated that he has suspended judgement about who is and who is not the Pope.

For us Catholics such positions are intollerable, not only because a heretic cannot hold an office, but also because it is a grave obligation as per the Bull of Bonifce VIII, Unam Sanctam, that every man, woman and child be subject to the Roman Pontiff, and not to a fake Roman Pontiff, but to a true one.

In past ages, when there was intellectual freedom, because the world was not ruled by Masons who controlled the thoughts of all in positions of power, Catholics knew that if they arrived at such positions, they NEEDED to investigate the problem and RESOLVE THE PROBLEM IN A SYNOD.

At Sutri, Italy, not far from the Eternal City, the Clergy of Rome in 1046 confronted a similar problem, when 3 different men were held to be the Pope, or have a claim to be the Pope.

In that Council, the Clergy investigated, questioned and examined the claimants and documents, and declared the 3 false claimants non-popes.

The day after on Dec. 24, 1046, they elected a new pope.

As a Bishop incardinated in the Diocese of Rome, Archbishop Viganò can call for such a Synod. Instead of continuous letters to lament the problem, the Archbishop nees to start acting like a real Catholic man of God, and face the reality and stop playing intellectual chess games within the boundaries set by the St. Gallen Mafia.

As for the Second Synod of Sutri, if God wills it to be convened, there are sufficient advocates in Italy to demonstrate that Benedict XVI is the true Pope and that Bergoglio never was.

If Viganò truly means what he has said, then he should welcome that. If he keeps beating about the bush, but never confronts the real solution and facts, then it will appear to not a few that he is either a Freemason or is controlled by them. — The Second Synod of Sutri, then, is a win win for Viganò and the Church. — Catholic journalists everywhere should ask him to call for it.

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