Faith in the Most Blessed Sacrament leads to recognition of Benedict XVI as the Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you have the Catholic Faith, then you have the key to solving many of the most obscure controversies.

And if you have faith in the real, true, and substantial presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, body, soul and Divinity in the Most Blessed Sacrament, then you have the key to know who is the true pope and who is a fraud an imposter.

And here is the key:

Just as the Host would not be consecrated if the priest said,

This is My athletic activity…

Rather than

This is My Body…

So, Pope Benedict XVI does not give up the papacy if he says,

I renounce my doing of the papacy,

Rather than,

I renounce the office of the papacy.

For on February 11, 2013, Pope Bendict in Latin said,

declaro me ministerio … renuntiare (I declare that I renounce the work of serving)

Instead of what Canon Law in canon 332 §2 says he has to signify,

muneri meo renuntio (I declare that I renounce the charge to serve which Christ gave me)

Now, some persons who think they are so bright that they can ignore this simply and irrefutable argument want you to fundamentally alter your religion, by denying that words have proper meanings. After 7 years you can see with your own eyes at Mass, if you still have the Mass, where that has led to.

Therefore, I exhort you: return to the rule contained in your faith in the Eucharist. Words do have meaning. And nothing happens if the wrong ones are used.

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3 thoughts on “Faith in the Most Blessed Sacrament leads to recognition of Benedict XVI as the Pope”

  1. Dear brother Alexis,

    Great, yes, that’s it! The Holy Eucharist is the heart of the Church. I made attached painting for a deacon, who wondered how a modern artist would depict the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I did not want to copy the well-known statues and after quite a while of contemplating, my eye fell on the title of a booklet, titled: “Gathered around the Heart of the Church”. So here it is. What, according to St. Thomas de Aquino, only can be seen by the eyes of faith, I could visualize, by God’s grace of course. I deliberately did not paint Christ’s blood flowing from His side, but pouring out of His divine Heart, filled with infinite love…

    Of course you may use and share this image as much as you want, because the ‘copyright’ is Christ’s, so without any restrictions.

    God bless, brother, Nico M. Peeters

  2. Dear Brother Alexis,
    Maybe attached article is also interesting for you. I wrote it for Aleteia some years ago, but it is still very actual in respect of God, Who is Creator and no one else.
    In Christ, Nico M. Peeters

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