3 thoughts on “Father Gruner: Benedict did not resign the Papacy”

  1. “Rome will lose the faith & become the seat of the Antichrist” so why doesn’t a team of exorcists methodically go through the entire Vatican & Domus Santa Marta & exorcise everyone in it & the entire buildings & churches in Rome to drive out Satan? It is no longer acceptable that they must receive a personal invitation from the Pope to do so. The true Pope is being imprisoned so cannot issue such a request & we no longer want to wait until the death of Francis or PBXVI before we can be given the contents of the Third Secret. It’s Satanic that we haven’t had this information in 1960 when Our Lady stated it should be made public, & of course we are still waiting for the consecration of Russia.

    With the world in chaos & the NWO threats of depopulation via deadly vaccinations for a made-up virus we have the right to know just what is in the Thbird Secret & why Russia has not yet been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Putting off what eventually will have to be done makes no sense & the consequences of not doing so will rest on the souls of the evil men who have been governing the OHCA Church since VII. Their time must be brought to an end quickly & irrevocably.

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