USA: Christian Patriots must rebel against Marxist Dictatorship

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One thought on “USA: Christian Patriots must rebel against Marxist Dictatorship”

  1. A truly brave, bold, brilliant Christian! So appreciated his unflinching roll-out of plain truth, i.e. the mounting gravity of sin and evil today which have so angered God as to call forth His terrible wrath upon the world (as in the Old Testament).
    It is hard to see (as suggested) that Communist controllers simply cede central territory to Christians and patriots, allowing them to live in a separate peace. Did Lenin or Stalin do that? or Mao? Pol Pot? No, the Politburo perpetrators totally depend on vast reserves of slave labor, forced obedience, neutralized homogeneity. Genocidal purges and prison are generally the fate of those who want “a separate peace.”
    As for the 2nd option, might it be time to think of God Himself coming back to earth with the holy warrior angels to champion the Faithful and vaporize the pandemonium.

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