Draghi: Italy needs creative destruction!

English Summary & Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Mario Draghi in December at the G30 Meeting, revealed what will be his real project in Italy. In recent days he is being hailed, here at Rome, as the savior by all political voices in power. The Bilderbergers and Marxists, the Nazionalists and Europeanists. It’s an unbelievable political miracle if you do not understand how complete is the Masonic control of that you think is a democracy.

Draghi wants creative destruction.

Those are actually his words, “destruzione creativa”.

He says the recovering in 2012 was uncontrolled, and that now Italy needs to cut out the dead wood. The zombie companies, which make no money but remain in existence because, never being supported by the Italian government for previous contracts, they must remain in existence to hope to particpate in future contracts.

He wants the small businesses to close so as to make the large chains ever more profitable.

He wants large parts of the middle and lower class run businesses wiped off the map.

He also wants a “green economy”. That is, he wants the environment ruined by the costs to develop and maintain electric vehicles, which are recharged daily by the burning of coal or by nuclear power.

He wants the NE of Italy — the Veneto — more and more subject to the German Economy. That is, he does not want Italy to develop independent economic structures, but rather to become ever more dependent upon Germany so that any future move to independence is cut off.

The video above was produced by Gian Luigi Paragone, who is leading the ITALEXIT movement.  A movement founded by those interested in promoting Italy’s further union with the EU and mass immigration, but who are posing to promote the exit of Italy from the EU and the end of illegal immigration.

That seems contradictory. But like the 5 Star Movement, which ran on a similar platform, but after the summer of 2018, flipped 180 degrees, the Lodges are always putting on the chess board fake oppositions to keep the people controlled.  Just as they recently showed with the Lega, which after 30 years of opposition to the Europeanists, has just bowed before Draghi with glee.

The Lega was told to bow to Draghi and willing did so, because as they are falling in the polls for having not opposed Conte’s ruinous Scamdemic promoting government, they will lose in the next elections. Meanwhile, Georgia Meloni was told to stay out of the Draghi government — and was not too happy about it — so that Fratelli d’Italia, the party she leads, can be the new false opposition winner in the next Parliamentary Elections, if need be, and if they ever happen.

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