TEXIT moves forward

Click the image to read the Update.  — TEXIT is the name for the effort to have the State of Texas secede from the United States.

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One thought on “TEXIT moves forward”

  1. What the TX state rep fails to realize is that many of the less populated, more conservative states count on Texas and look to that state as a leader in the fight against liberal ideas. Case in point, when Texas finishes its Texas State Republican Platform, at the end of its state convention, there are 15 states that want a copy of it so they can use it to form their own platform. That is just one example.

    And, what are truckers going to do when they are driving from FL to CA and they come to the Texas border? Are we all going to have to carry passports just to get in and out of Texas?

    This guy has not thought a lot of things through. Secession sounds sexy, but it will not help a lot of people who depend on Texas for leadership.

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