Cardinal Arinze: Cardinal Sodano knew about the Renunciation, Benedict thought out what he was doing


By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this testimony, besides showing that he did not understand the Latin of the Declaratio, he says that “there is no danger that Pope Benedict XVI will become a problem.”

A very strange phrase, indeed. Since he admits that after the “resignation”, Benedict XVI will still be the Pope.  A lapsus linguae?

Then he drops the bomb:

“Perhaps if you were a politician who was removed by maneuvers, the successor would be afraid. In this case, not so!

Why speak about this on the day after the Declaratio was read? Was it, as Romans say, “You know it is true, when it is denied”.

Then the Cadinal says, “If anyone is confused, the problem is on them.” Then he proceeds to show that he is confused in what he says, because he thinks Benedict said that he would resign on Feb. 28. And there is no such statement in the Latin of the Declaratio. The Latin says that he is renouncing the ministry so that the see be vacant on Feb. 28, not to make it vacant, because a renunication of ministry cannot cause the loss of office.

The Cardinal ends by saying, “So Pope Benedict may be teaching us many more things than we realize.”  — He got that right!

NOTE: This video was produced by Francis X Rocca, of the National Catholic Reporter, one of leading heretical publications in the U.S.A., and very closely allied with the St. Gallen Mafia before and after Feb. 2013..

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