Draghi’s new Government is the instant laughing stock of Italy


Commentary on the News in English
by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

After being praised by all the media in and outside of Italy, Mario Draghi, the choice of the Bilderbergs for Italy, has presented his list of ministers to the President of Italy, Sergio Matterella, and the list of names is so absurd that Draghi has gone from being the savior of Italy to the National Buffoon in a single afternoon.

The highlights on the new Cabinet are as follows:

As Minister of Foreign Affairs, De Maio, who does not even know the geography of the world, and whose previous government set aside more money for foreign aid than for Italian businesses.

As Minister of the Interior, Lamorgese, who refused to put any police to guard the borders, but had drones hunt citizens for walking in the forests or mountains, while locking the entire nation in their own houses.

As for Minister of Health, Speranza, who knows nothing about health and thinks that the virus goes outside hunting for people according to certain hours of the clock, and leaves you alone if you sit down at a table, but not when you go to bathroom!

After 18 months of denouncing the government of Conte for being idiots, Matteo Salvini, who is not in the government, has given his support for a salad of ignorants, so that this government of Draghi which intends to destroy small businesses, might have members of his own party as ministers for Economic Development and Tourism! Good look with that!

Renzi, who participated the collapse of the previous government by withdrawing the support of his small left wing party, Italia Viva, and its two ministers has ended up being stabbed in the back by Draghi, who has given his party only 1 minor ministry and left Renzi, a former PM, out of it entirely.

Draghi for his own part has shown himself politically inept to chose a government, and has only aimed to have the key persons in charge to impose the program of austerity which international bankers want to save the Euro at Italy’s expense.

If the new government has achieved anything it is the complete delusion of the entire nation. It is the guarantee that if there is ever again an election for parliament in Italy, none of the parties in this government will survive the wipe out.

Giuseppe Conte, the previous Prime Minister, is now out of the government, and that exposes him to being sued for all the deaths, suicides, and bankruptcies caused by his unconstitutional decrees during the last 12 months. I imagine that he has already boarded a plane for China.

CREDITS: For those who would like to know more, in Italian, the above video is the commentary by Andrea Delmastro delle Vedove, a member of the lower Chamber for Fratelli d’Italia, the one major party which was left out of the government. — The featured image of Mario Draghi, above, is from his Wikepedia article, and is used here according to the same license.

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