Why submitting to the Scamdemic is contrary to faith in Christ

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The so called “Pandemic” has caught Christians off guard. And many do not know how to react to it, or even what to think.

It has caught many off guard, because most Christians are entirely ignorant of what the obligations and consequences of believing in Christ are.

Most Christians do not know how to react to it, because they are confused by very poor instruction on the question of when and when not to obey the State.

Many Christians do not even know what to think about it, because many Christians were never taught that Faith in Christ requires that you think and discern about everything which makes demands upon you.

The “Pandemic” has also caught Christians off guard, because it has not only challenged them on the question of whether to obey the State or the police, but also on the question of whom one should believe and what one should believe.

It has also challenged Christians, many of whom do not understand the most basic doctrines regarding life and health and the purpose of each.

For all these reasons, it is necessary that Christians, as Christians, confront the problems presented by the “Pandemic” with the truths of our holy Faith.

And we should begin with the basic truths.

First, that there is a God, and He is good. As Christ Jesus teaches us, “Call no man good, because God alone is good” (Mark 10:18) — God is the very definition of Goodness. He is everything that ultimately and completely satisfies every spiritual and rational being, angel or man.

Second, that this good God is the Creator of all things.  And thus all things are good, as Genesis 1:31 declares.

The conclusion a Christian should draw from these 2 truths, is that we should not be afraid as if nature itself were our enemy. God cares for all and we are in His Hands.  Therefore we should not give into the preachers of irrational unlimited fear.

The third truth is that God is the Creator of man. He is the Creator of our genome, our immune system and all that we are. He is also the Creator of all viruses and germs. And He does not intend to destroy the world by them. — So if anyone claims that a species of virus, like corona virus, which for decades has been known as non-lethal and incapable of being a plague, is now a plague, he is simply blaspheming God with a lie.

Here a Christian needs to stop and ask himself whom he ought to believe. We must believe God, because God is truthful (John 3:33) and God is the truth, (John 14:6). But as for men, King St. David says, “All men are liars” (Psalm 116:11), which does not mean that all men lie 24/7, but that all men are capable of lying.

Discernment is not uncharitable, but rather a necessity of Christian living. Because we must put things and men to the test to see if they are true, so as not to be led away from Christ into error or sin.

Fourth, since there is only One God, the Lord of Heaven and Earth, we must not give the State the authority of God, nor regard Politicians or Journalists as infallible sources of truth. For some men are so proud that they would set their mouths in the Heavens and dictate their “truth” to mankind (Psalm 73:9).

Indeed, it is a sign that the spirit of the Antichrist has entered into a man when he dares declare as truth those things which are blatant lies and impugn the Majesty  or Goodness or Sovereignty of God.

And this is what the Scamdemic does, because it claims that infection and disease is everywhere, and that we can only acquire true immunity through man made artifices, as if the good God, our Creator, has not given us all that which is necessary, to defend against the common cold, in the immune system He has created in our own flesh.

Take note: since Sars Cov 19 has never been isolated, there is no scientific confirmation that what people do die from is a common non-lethal corona virus, or a variety genetically engineered in a biowarfare laboratory.  The story about the Wuhan biowarfare lab was a necessary Narrative Device to get everyone to fear Covid 19, because otherwise, there is no reason to fear a coronavirus, as all medical journals for 40 years have declared, since they are either highly transmissible and not lethal, or lethal but no highly transmissible. — That the virus has not been isolated therefore proves that the Narrative would fall apart if it were.

Also, Christians need to inform themselves about real science. Before the Pandemic was declared all medical journals affirms that plagues and pandemics burn themselves out as the general population acquires immunity withing 6-12 weeks of exposure. This happens because most of us are infected with very small doses of the pathogen and thus our immune system overcomes the invaders easily.  To claim therefore that after 12 months there is no acquired immunity by anyone is simply a FAT OUT RIGHT LIE.

And if you watched the news closely, when this “Pandemic” was declared there were numerous reports of blood tests in different parts of the world all of which confirmed that herd immunity was had in most countries by February through May of last year. Thus there never was a reason to continue a Covid Response. But these reports now have been forgotten, since they want us to fixate on the “Vaccine.”

But many Christians have been fooled, because they judge what is true or false not on the basis of fact, but on the basis of human testimony. And thus the promoters of the Scamdemic by getting doctors to tell family that their loved one died of Covid, even when they did not, has caused some Christians to become apostles of the virus narrative, even though they never asked for any proof that their loved one had Covid 19.

To maintain the lie, too, there has been employed swab or PCR tests, the inventors of which all declare they are unreliable. And some are such fools to not only take the test but believe its results.

At the same time, as the 24/7 terror campaign on Television, Radio and in the Newspapers, there has been the legal obligation to submit to the lies by wearing external badges — diapers on the face — and observing Pharasaical laws on hygene — such as wearing the diaper in the bathroom but not at a restaurant table while seated, or keeping 1 or 2 meters distant from every human being.

A Christians is obliged to discern. And a Christian who sees a lie, but ignores that it is a lie, is failing in his faith and has fallen away from Christ.

For if the State simply threatened us to wear the mask and observe distancing laws, without reason, it would only be cowardice to obey. But when the reason is a lie, then it becomes the public profession of a lie to obey. And thus by wearing the mask, we affirm for others that there is a pandemic and that they need to believe in it.

And that is how the Scamdemic is diabolic. Because all those who profess a lie, who believe a lie and who tolerate a lie will be cast in to the pit of fire with Satan and his devils on the last day.

As Christians let us be true prophets and preach by word and deed against this international conspiracy of liars and cowards. Let us not take part with the False Prophets and Antichrist who have cropped up like the morning flowers of the field, and who shall soon wither in the passing day.


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6 thoughts on “Why submitting to the Scamdemic is contrary to faith in Christ”

  1. The Anathema against “going along to get along”, in your penultimate paragraph is of eternal significance for all Christian souls. When it is flouted by high profile Catholic leaders, particularly if they have previously pronounced their commitment to resist, for example, mask “mandates”, it is scandalising and discouraging to the weak minded.

    1. This morning, in the Sanctuary of the Holy Black Virgin of Oropa, Biella, Italy, the most important Marian Sanctuary in the Italian Alps, I’ve been refused to receive the Holy Eucharistic because I didn’t want to touch the Holy Body of Jesus with the hand. This in the name of rules imposed by the government, in name of the lies. The article describes perfectly the present situation.

  2. Yes. We cannot be reminded enough that we have no duty to live a lie, that to do so is mortally sinful. So incredibly many are just going thoughtlessly along to get “safely” along. The breathtaking horror of the 1st (idolatry), the 3rd (desacralisation of the Sabbath),, and the 8th (bearing false witness) Commandments being so universally trampled and buried today, is furthered by the diabolical justification that “We do it for the common good… for our common home” etc.
    Dehumanization and depersonalization by enforcement of masks in public places, above all in Catholic churches. The wearing of masks has a natural “evil” attached, namely, that of hiding personal identity, that sign made more sinful when transmitted into the House of God. Fearing to face God and neighbor is a symbolic refusal of natural and supernatural communion. That state is an actual place in Eternity, and we’d better beware of having already bought our tickets here on earth.

  3. “Fourth, since there is only One God, the Lord of Heaven and Earth, we must not give the State the authority of God… Indeed, it is a sign that the spirit of the Antichrist has entered into a man when he dares declare as truth those things which are blatant lies and impugn the Majesty or Goodness or Sovereignty of God.”
    Yes, St. Valentine, priest and physician, would heartily agree. In fact he was martyred today, more than 1700 years ago, for this very truth. Here’s how:
    Under the rule of Emperor Claudius Caesar II, known as “the Cruel,” 3rd Century Rome was embroiled in bloody campaigns against the Goths and Vandals. To make sure that soldiers had no sentimental family-related excuses to opt out, Claudius banned marriages and engagements. It was also another pretext to persecute Christians who believed in monogamy and the loving, lifelong sacrament of marriage between man and wife.
    Valentinus, Roman priest and physician, duly continued to perform marriage ceremonies, giving parchment hearts to couples as reminders of their sacred vows. When finally arrested, Valentinus was first asked by the Roman Praetor Asterius if he could cure his blind daughter Julia. The holy physician placed his hands on her head and prayed, miraculously restoring her sight. Instead of a death sentence, Asterius granted Valentinus’ request that other condemned Christians be freed and idolatry cease. The judge, his associates and entire family, became baptized Christians. The saint continued administering holy sacraments and curing the sick until taken prisoner by Claudius Caesar himself. Refusing to renounce Christianity, Valentinus was sentenced to be bludgeoned and stoned before being beheaded. As an added humiliation, the Emperor chose the martyrdom to occur during Lupercalia, mid-February Roman festival of public orgies and masquerade matchmaking rituals celebrating the spirits of lechery and depravity.
    One year later, Claudius II fell ill and died of hemorrhagic fever. Had the holy physician been allowed to live, he would have undoubtedly cured and converted his hell-bound enemy. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Pope Gelasius declared February 14th the feast of St. Valentine, “Our glorious advocate and protector.”
    Let’s ask St.Valentine that we “keep our heads” and of course the Faith.

  4. I agree that the mainstream narrative for Covid-19 is dangerous, and many many people (including Christians) have been deceived by this lie. They most likely listen only to the mainstream media and Government (who fund each other with advertisements etc), but when Jesus died on the cross it was for all of mankind, and let’s not be so proud as to think that we no longer sin or practice sin. We have all lied, so let’s not say that we are without sin in that area.
    Some Christians have been heavily deceived by the mainstream narrative, but all we can do is to share information and pray for their safety. I know many are being deceived by the vaccine without knowing that it is experimental and will do nothing to stop virus transmission, but may injure their immune system permanently. If someone has trusted in Christ as their personal saviour and wear a mask and take a vaccine, you may believe that they are propogating that lie, but in the eyes of God, they are positionally sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ, because that person has received the very righteousenss of God, and the work of Jesus is finished.
    The free gift of eternal life is open to all, and the Holy Spirit is always convicting the world of sin, righteousness and judgement so that people see their sin and need for a Saviour. Belief in the death, burial adn resurrection of Jesus as full payment for our sin is all that we can do.. None of our works can save us as they are fillthy rags as we are born in sin, but in our new nature these are works that please God and will be rewarded at the Judgment seat of Christ.
    This is an excellent video by Pastor Tom Cucuzza that he has done recently entitled: Does God Send People to Hell? https://youtu.be/iF2_iCgegYs. It is unbelief iin God’s plan of salvation through His Son, when people want it their own way through religion or a system of works. Only Jesus Saves a person from hell to heaven, and salvation is all of Him, and nothing to do with our performance or works. All glory to Him.

  5. Aggiungerei due cose.
    1) “Non è quello che entra nella bocca dell’uomo che lo avvelena, ma quello che esce dalla sua bocca”. Questo, alla luce della psicosomatica, poi delle scoperte dell’epigenetica, e di Hamer (cinque leggi biologiche) risuona come profetico: le cosiddette “malattie” NON sono causate da germi, batteri o virus;
    2) “date a Dio quello che è di Dio e a Cesare quello che è di Cesare”: se lo stato ci obbliga ad iniettarci una cosa che ci altera il RNA/DNA, questa cosa è di Dio o di Cesare? Il CORPO, TEMPIO DELLO SPIRITO, appartiene a Dio e non possiamo modificare la sua intima struttura genetica.

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