R.I.P. U.S.A.

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Not with a bang, but a whimper.

Thus one can write the final epithet of the United States of America: land of the free and home of the brave!

Three Hundred Million American citizens just saw the biggest crime in their political history, the theft of the U. S. Presidency by ballot, voting and counting fraud: documented with hundreds of sworn affidavits, videos, analyses of data and studies.

And confirmed by the Usurper himself when he had to call in 25,000 troops to guarantee that his “inauguration” be accepted, using in this manner the sons and daughters of American citizens to protect himself, like the Taliban or ISIS does with their own babies.

Not with a bang but a whimper, the American republic has ended, or perhaps, as some scholars would say, has shown its true nature. It is  not a democracy, and it is not united. It’s true name is the Masonic Dominated States of America.

And its people have not show themselves to be free or want to be free, still less to be brave or want to be brave.

They are only interested in not being called names such as “violent”, “patriot”, “right wing”, “racist”.

Such a population is a race of babies. It is no wonder they submitted so easily to wearing diapers on their faces.

Now, I do not speak so harshly because I hate America, but because as a native of that land, I love Her and am outraged at what has happened and incensed at what has not happened.

It is insufferable and illogical to allow politicians and journalists dictate what is true and what is false, and thus tell you who won, regardless of the legitimate votes cast.

It is totally and absolutely absurd to have a form of government where there is no verification of the legitimacy of a vote or ballot, voter id or authentic method of auditing results.

It is ludicrous to have votes counted by machines which are tied to the internet and can be hacked with a cell phone.

As an American citizen, I totally repudiate such a state of politics as unworthy of any free man.

But the surrender of America to fraud is an eye opening moment to see how totally empty the slogans of America are and how fake her history has been. The republic founded on the U. S. Constitution pretends to virtue but is a total fraud.

If there is anyone with a true sense of patriotism in the Masonic Dominated and Controlled States of America, they need to start a Revolution. Not a revolution to break free from a just and legitimate political order — for none such exists in the U.S. territory. But a revolution to establish one.

Any U. S. Veteran or enlisted man should be the very first to react. The inaction of so many proves that they neither want liberty nor have a drop of real bravery or patriotism for America.

Shame on all of you who are cowards!


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  1. ‘I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that the European Convention on Human Rights, first drafted more than 70 years ago by the newly-formed Council of Europe, is definitely our handbook. In a manual all chapters are equally important, but personally I have to say that Article 10 is one that is very close to my heart and probably to the heart of many of you.

    That Article 10 is about freedom of expression: freedom of expression is what distinguishes a democratic country from a dictatorship.

    In a healthy democracy there is freedom of speech. But the reverse is also true. Freedom of speech is a prerequisite for that same democracy. It is therefore only logical that we hold freedom of speech in high esteem. It is only right that freedom of speech is enshrined in one form or another in all constitutions. It is only right that states where this very important right is infringed are reprimanded.

    Freedom of expression is what makes our Europe Europe. Apart from inciting violence, of course, everything should be able to be said. Even things that are uncomfortable for some to hear. Things that may not always be politically correct, and things that might upset the status quo. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that what is an inconvenient truth today will be a generally accepted fact tomorrow.

    Ladies and gentlemen, freedom of expression and the resulting clash of ideas is the reason why almost all of us are sitting here together. Aren’t we all of us protected by the Council of Europe’s immunities, even while saying things here in Strasbourg which may be uncomfortable for a governments back home.

    Unfortunately I have to conclude that it is precisely this freedom of speech, this freedom of expression, that is under attack today, not only because of over zealous governments who out of misplaced political correctness are all too eager to label inconvenient truths as fake news. But mainly because there are new players on the field today. Those players are not bound by laws, and unlike governments, do not have to answer to voters. I’m talking about Big Tech: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple, Google, Amazon. Names that ring a bell with every European citizen. They are primarily American companies that have come to play a major role in our society today.

    Social media platforms are now an inherent part of our daily lives. In exchange for our personal data they offer us a place where we can communicate with other citizens, and that more than ever perhaps during lockdown times, is an opportunity that many are grabbing with both hands.

    To put some things in perspective, Facebook alone recorded more than 410 million monthly active users in the second quarter of 2020 and has a larger net income than the entire GDP of, for example, Serbia.

    The Big Tech giants that run these virtual meeting spaces therefore have a huge responsibility. As mentioned before, unlike governments that can be punished by the voter, the same voter or citizen is now powerless against these Big Tech companies if he or she feels that his or her freedom of speech is threatened by these same companies.

    It is a mistake to believe that these private companies act with any coherent ethical framework in mind while regulating this forum. While Apple has just been to the app Parler from its app store for violating its app store user terms, the company has also lobbied to water down provisions in a recent bill aimed at preventing forced labour in China.

    Just recently, Facebook pages of Navalny and Khodorkovsky groups and supporters have been suspended in Russia.

    The most famous recent example of all must be of course the swift removal of Donald Trump, at that time still president of the United States of America, from social media. We could all but observe a coordinated effort of these companies to swiftly and very effectively remove his presence on the internet. Regardless of who he is or what he represents, it is worrying that Big Tech giants have such power.

    The Russian opposition leader Navalny rightly called it an unacceptable act of censorship. And in a way even worse: it’s a precedent that can and will be exploited by the enemies of freedom of speech around the world. Steffen Seibert, Merkel’s chief spokesman, reacted in a similar way, and I quote: “the right to freedom of opinion is of fundamental importance given that the Chancellor considers it problematic that the President’s accounts have been permanently suspended.”

    All of this leads only to one logical conclusion: unregulated monopolistic tech platforms cannot and should not be trusted with such an important matter as protecting and guaranteeing free speech. The fact they have the power to simply remove a sitting president from social media and thereby cutting off an important means to communicate with the general public, for whatever reason, should set off alarm bells in Europe as well. By increasingly arbitrarily deleting messages and blocking accounts, by removing the Facebook and Twitter accounts of whoever they like, and without any possibility to appeal, they have demonstrated their immense power over public debate and therefore over our freedom of expression.

    Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights clearly stipulates that limitations to the freedom of speech are very restricted. And I quote: “The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law.” Most importantly, limitations and sanctions can only be applied by lawmakers. At no stage the Convention foresaw a limitation by mainly US-based multinationals.

    We are now in a situation where it is no longer the lawmakers that limit Big Tech companies, but Big Tech companies that limit lawmakers. Some would argue that tech giants are private companies and have a right to choose the content they allow on their platform. But one cannot ignore the fact that they are taking a very particular position in our society. These social media platforms have become a part of the public forum and it is therefore ultimately up to lawmakers and courts of law to determine what is a violation of freedom of speech and what is not. Big Tech companies cannot be allowed to censor or remove any content that legally remains within the limits of the law of freedom of expression of any sovereign state.‘

    Mr. Bob De Brabandere, Belgium

    Current Affairs Debate: Freedom of Expression (Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights ECHR) under threat by “Big Tech”. Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe. 28th January 2021




  2. The ubiquitous, mandatory mask has become the consummate symbol of stifled speech and our collective silencing.
    Aren’t truth, freedoms, facts, rights, personality, dignity, Faith, sovereignty, etc., simply nonsensical to Communists who depend on the silence of the lambs? Those who speak out of turn and step out of line are first to be martyred, meant as a warning and deterrent to any others.

    1. I don’t think anyone is risking martyrdom. No one even takes such a stand against the scamdemic. And if some one were he would confuse religion for politics, because we should be willing to die rather than deny Christ, but to oppose the scamdemic we should not be martyrs but rather organize the overthrow if the tyrants by arresting them. So lets get a grasp of our emotions and stop exaggerating the situation. — The truth is that at nearly every protest against the scamdemic there are enough citizens to begin such a revolution, but the do nothing but talk and take selfies.

  3. With all due respect, white martyrdom has become the expectation or existential reality for not a few brave Christian apologists known to post, speak out, and author books condemning sin and folly. Exposure of truth (Christ being the Truth and the Life), and defense of the 10 Commandments, make them subject to shaming, censorship, “cancellation,” death threats, arrest, fine, ostracism, lawsuit, business boycott, job loss, etc. — and that was true well before the WuFlu Coup. Aren’t those Faithful and their families, hunted down as domestic terrorists, hardly different from Christian martyrs in the heyday of Imperial Rome?
    Without exaggeration or undue emotion, we know that while many died cruelly in a circus or an arena as some of us in one way or another may yet be called to do, many more bore witness to Christ by walking with Him in “the valley of tears” and living for Him in the “valley of death.”
    Grace and hope should give white martyrs the courage not only to walk through the wilderness but also to speak out in defense of the truth and in support of all who are now boldly engaged in bringing the truth to light.

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