2 thoughts on “Scamdemic UK follows Nazi Germany: ‘Do not resuscitate orders’ for handicapped”

  1. And in Ireland there are Health Service Executive (HSE) guidelines on ‘Supporting the Consent Process’ for the administration of untested, experimental covid “vaccines” for those in residential care…….By ‘Supporting’ do they mean to ‘bias’, ‘persuade’, ‘push’, ‘coerce’, ‘bully’, ‘bribe’, never accept NO for an answer, give the impression of choice when really there is none and to do this ‘Supporting’ in secret without family knowledge?
    Why have apparently some of those with Special Needs in Residential Care who are less than 70 years old and otherwise healthy been “vaccinated” with Astra Zeneca when Ireland has yet to even complete Group 2, the over 70’s, in the covid vaccination rollout? Why such discrimination?! Why single out those with Special Needs to rapidly advance up the queue?
    Where is the Humanity amongst the so called Caring Professionals who have facilitated this, who have allowed those with Special Needs, the most vulnerable in Society to be experimented upon in ongoing clinical trials and without any proper clinical monitoring and reporting system in place? It’s Uncaring! It’s gross Negligence! It’s Inhumane!

    “I’m learning that adults with severe disabilities are being specifically given the Astra Zeneca vaccine here in Ireland

    Their legal guardians are being bullied into accepting the AZ vaccine on their behalf – or they will be denied their services

    This is PURE EVIL”

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