St. Valentine’s Day: Bergoglio signals that perversion is an act of love

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The perversion, heresy, bad will and deceit of Jorge Mario Bergoglio is not unknown or new. Nearly every time he opens his mouth it is evident.

But as much as he claims to be a Catholic, there is precious little from his own mouth to prove it, since to be a Catholic does not mean to preach the Faith 10% of the time, but 100% of the time.

It has been clear from the beginning, that what Bergoglio wants is to approve all matters of sexual license as equally valid forms of love. Thus it should not surprise us when we read of claims that sodomitic orgies are being enacted or depicted in the Vatican. Anyone who is familiar with the Vatican knows that male prostitutes abound and frequent the hotels in its immediate vicinity.

But now Bergoglio feels sure of himself enough to start laying down the principles by which sodomy is to be publicly approved by his damnable globalist Anti-Church.

He preached them during his Angelus sermon on Feb. 14, 2021, for St. Valentine’s Day, and had his remarked published in English by Vatican News, so that no one can say he was being misinterpreted.

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What Bergoglio attempts to do is to imply that when Christ touched the leper that He was teaching that all sexual experiences were acts of love, even when they transgress moral norms.

His teaching is both CONSUMMATE BLASPHEMY against the Son of God and UTTER SACRILEGE of Sacred Scripture.

In the Middle Ages such a discourse would get your burned at the stake. And that he gave such a discourse on St. Valentine’s Day shows that he means to apply it to bolster the false claims of the Masonic Lodge (which has always promoted pedophilia and sodomy), that “love” means doing whatever you want.

Bergoglio has arrived at the end of humanism, where man becomes God and God is instrumentalized to justify the most based and unnatural disorders.

But if you say this, the Lavender Mafia will say that you are unreliable and reactionary, unkind and that you offend the Blessed Virgin for not being sensitive to others!

In other news, my contacts in the Vatican City say that Bergoglio’s health is seriously declining and that the prognosis is that he will not live past 2021. This is perhaps is personal motive for his coming out on St. Valentine’s day: a penultimate act of rebellion against all mores and God, to guarantee that he does not end up where he does not want to arrive.

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8 thoughts on “St. Valentine’s Day: Bergoglio signals that perversion is an act of love”

  1. When Frankie introduced his new sex ed program at the World Youth Day in Poland, of all places, I thought that was pretty bad. He is now proving that he loves perversion. And he condemns himself on every turn. Soon the only people who will be invited to Catholic Mass will be the perverts. Right now it is difficult for a faithful Catholic to find a Church that will allow reception on the tongue.

    1. After a homily like this, Catholics should stop attending masses which name Bergoglio as the Pope and let their clergy know the reason for their protest. If you keep supporting fraud all you will get is fraud.

    2. …and it has become impossible to find a Church that allows anyone to enter without a Halloween costume and broomstick distancing. On Wednesday, baggies of ashes will be available for take out and sprinkling at do-it-yourself ceremonies. Folklorists won’t fail to think of WalpurgisNacht bonfires, the miraculous embers commingling with black magic and kismet.

  2. Fraudcis leave no doubt: His entirely manufactured point is our need of touching, even sharing the “transgression” (of the moral laws of the Church that have “isolated” so many). So very understandably not once does he speak of Our Lord’s HEALING the leper or even the leper wanting to be healed of his supposed “transgression”! WHAT AN ANTICHRIST SON OF SATAN.

  3. This is one of the silliest homilies ever!
    In this papal-backed NWO of sanitary tyranny, two and three-ply face diapers, quarantines, barricaded cities and borders, perceived contamination everywhere, how is a heretical if not nonsensical and fabricated “Transgressor Christ” supposed to save us?

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