Templars Chant: Salve Regina

As we begin Lent, let us who are knights of the Queen of Heaven, sing Her praise for brining us the grace of doing penance, once again, this year. — This chant is the historical reproduction of the Salve Regina from according to the Rite of Jerusalem, from the time of the Crusaders.

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2 thoughts on “Templars Chant: Salve Regina”

    1. In the early centuries the text of the Salve Regina varied from rite to rite and from Order to Order. In this version, after the text we know today, there is added the words:

      Alpha et Omega, (The Alpha and Omega)
      Misit de supernis (Sent from the heights)
      Gloriosum solamen miseris (the Glorious comfort to the wretched)
      cum Gabriel (with Gabriel)

      A summa gerarchia (from the highest hieararcy)
      paranimphus dicit in armonia (Her guardian speaks in harmony)
      Ave Virgo Maria! (Hail Virgin Mary!)

      O Clemens, o Pia, O Dulcis Maria!

      O Pastores pro Deo surgite (O shepherds rise for God)
      Quid vidisti (What have you seen?)
      De Christo dicite, (Speak of the Christ)
      Reges Tharsis (o kings of Tyre)
      De stellae visione (of the vision of the star)
      Sint Testes in apparitione (Be witnesses in the appearing)
      Ave Virgo Maria! (Hail Virgin Mary)

      O Clemens, o Pia, O Dulcis Maria!

      Fons humilis, (Humble Fountain)
      Aquarum puteus, (Cistern of waters)
      Rosa mundi, (Rose of the world)
      Splendor sydereus (Stary splendor)
      Amigdalus Aaron fructuosa (Fruitful rod of Aaron)
      precantibus (for those who pray)

      Esto lux gloriosa, (Be the glorious Light)
      Ave Virgo Maria. (Hail Virgin Mary)

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