Yes, Virginia, there is a God

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3 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, there is a God”

  1. Dr. Marshall’s commentary on this blasphemy, a bit down on the site, though correctly concluding that God cannot possibly contaminate himself with our sin, completely fails to understand what that false prophet Francis means by that word in reference to God. Citing Francis’ statement that God cannot sin he wrongly concludes Francis is merely caught in a contradiction or a misuse of a word. Why is Marshall so blind to what this false prophet is saying? What Francis is saying is that while God cannot personally sin He nevertheless gives mankind a different standard and tolerates his sin (no need for repentance and conversion) and simply overlooks it. That indeed is Francis’ very consistent theology.of an all merciful God, where there is no Hell or eternal death, a true spin off of Lucifer’s “Thou shalt not die.” Marshall, sad to say has a serious lack of spiritual discernment, which he has refused to acknowledge and thus continues to call the apostate, antiChrist, antipope Fraudcis “The Holy Father!” WHO IS THE GREATER THREAT? THE THIEF THAT ENTERS THE HOUSE OR THE ONE WHO UNLOCKS THE DOOR AND LETS HIM IN?

    1. Dr. Marshall cannot even admit that ministerium does not mean munus, so what expertise does he have to interpret anything? Maybe all should ask Marshall why he insisted on a 100K separation bonus from Fischer College for no reason at all, and what did he do with the money?

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