Globalists watch out! — Christians have the right to Celebrate Easter

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

We have  not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood.

And this is our duty in Christ, as St. Paul the Apostle wrote in his Letter to the Hebrews 12:4:

For you have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin:

And that this verse of Scripture can be rightly applied to the resistence we must show to the Scamdemic and Great Reset, is obvious, because both are founded upon lies and want us to accept a life founded upon lies.

But to live a lie is the very definition of sin.

For sin is an osbstacle and stumbling block to God, who is Truth.

LAST YEAR they fooled 99.999% of Christians and convinced us not to worship at Easter.

This year many of us have been enlightened by the Holy Spirit and see the Great Lie for what it is.

Therefore we must live according to the truth and go and worship without any shame, fear, or compliance.

I call on all Christians this Easter to worship the Lord Jesus in public gatherings.

And in those nations which threatend you or forbid you, go out armed and ready for battle.

This is holy war, and we have no right to worship if we cannot celebrate Easter without restrictions and without submission to lies.

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2 thoughts on “Globalists watch out! — Christians have the right to Celebrate Easter”

  1. I couldn’t even make it inside without “The Costume.” Police cars patrol the parking lot and the pastor’s wardens block the narthex to the great unwashed, the “spreaders.”
    Beside all that, just seeing all the Eloi and mummies (clerics and lay) makes me sick.

  2. We need to forget the bishops, there aren’t any Catholic in America except +Gracida, and find a traditional TLM (while they last); there are two dozen in the NY Tri-State area alone that actually act Catholic. Dozens other nation-wide. For now. For example I received ashes on my brow at a High Mass yesterday evening in Manhattan along with 70 other folks. It was the last of six liturgies there that day distributing ashes.

    Like everyone else, it was:

    Not on my elbow. Not sprinkled on my pate. Not administered with a q-tip stuck to a ten-foot pole. Not with a panicky woman (no offense) of a priest dousing his hands in rubbing alcohol every ten seconds per diocesan regs by Beer Cardinal Barrel the Great if, Heaven forfend, he ever actually had to … touch! even the forehead of one of the smelly sheep.

    “Remember, Man, that thou art dust. And to dust thou shalt return.”

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