There is a demonic perversity in saying that ministerium = munus

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The act of Pope Benedict XVI on Feb. 11, 2013 has ripped the masks off of so many fakes, who pretended religion, but in truth are godless frauds.

This is because, while it is a foolish error to say that one word means what another word means, so as to have the result that makes you comfortable, it is in truth a demonic perversity to persist in such folly for eight years when all the visible evidence shows that the game you are playing is a big lie.

Many Catholics are chosing to lose or reject their faith instead of admitting that ministerium does not equal munus. Instead of admitting that Benedict XVI’s renunciation of ministerium does not make him no longer the one and only Pope.

Many Priests are leaving the ministry, because they cannot bring themselves to the child like humility of admitting that if Canon Law says you must renounce munus, and you renounce ministerium, that you are still the pope!

Many of both, instead, have chosen to vilify and ridicule their fellow Catholics for saying the Catholic equivalent of the grass is green. Namely, that words have precise meanings, and that Canon 17 does not allow you to use a dictionary to get around Canon 332, even if you want to.

Many Catholics, moreover, have accepted adultery, sacriligeous communion, sodomy, abortion, contraception, blasphemy, heresy, the betrayal of 30 million fellow Catholics in China AS THE PRICE to say that ministerium = munus.

When instead, by denying that ministerium = munus, they could keep the Faith and Discipline which we have received from Jesus Christ through the Holy Apostles and affirm the path of the Saints of all ages in chastity, fidelity, acceptance of life, reverence of God, doctrinal continuity and defense of the innocent being persecuted.

And anyone who would pay such a high price to reject such wonderful and good things, which lead to ETERNAL LIFE, and chose instead to MERIT HELL at the price of one word, ARE INVOLVED IN A DIABOLIC PERVERSITY.

And in a diabolic system of control.

We have seen a lot of talk in the last 12 months about psychological mass control of the population.  But that would never have been possible if Catholics en masse had affirmed 8 years ago, that you cannot unpope yourself unless you actually say that you renounce that which makes you the Pope.

The deceit of the Cardinals and Vatican staff in hoodwinking the Catholic world 8 years ago was the necessary sin to allow the Great Reset.

Because we all know that a true Pope speaks against the world, the flesh and the devil. And would not be silent.

By saying that ministerium = munus, the Cardinals have silenced Pope Benedict by depriving him of world recognition as Pope and failing — if he is in error — to fraternally correct him to do the right thing, if he wants to be pope, or renounce rightly if he does not, or by pledging obedience to him, join him in cleansing out the Church of those who wanted to get rid of him and silence him.

But to persist in such a denial of the obvious for eight years is a BLACK black sin. It is the sin of idolatry, the sin of worshiping one’s own power to deny the truth, unto the cost of everything. And such a sin leads to all evils, and is the ground from which all evils sprout.

Such a sin opens the Gates of Hell.  Now that they are opened, all mankind is being dragged into them through the Great Reset.

There is only one way back. And the way is simple. And it begins with one word.



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