WND blasphemes St. Samson

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

St. Samson was one of the great heroes of the Old Testament. He was so strong that he ripped a lion in two pieces by his bare hands pulling apart its jaws.

He led many battles against the Philistines and defeated them.

He died pulling down the columns of the Temple of Dagon, even after his enemies had blinded him. He is considered a martyr of divine zeal, against false religion.

But WND has blasphemed him in a recent article about U.S. Politics and the fall of the American Republic. (Click image below to read the article).

The blasphemy consists in this, that it calls Donald Trump the American Samson.  But Donald Trump approves of sodomitic unions.

Whereas the real Samson pulled down the columns of the Temple of Dagon, who was served by clergy who engaged in sodomy.

So the next time you see WND pretend it is a Christian publication, remember that they blasphemed Samson.

Samson is held to be a Saint in the Catholic Church. He was the last and greatest of the Judges of Israel. You can read more about him at the Catholic Encyclopedia, here.

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