Zuckerberg admits that Covid Vaccines modify DNA and RNA

Zuckerberg is worth billions and has access to private experts. So if he thinks it is bad, its bad.

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3 thoughts on “Zuckerberg admits that Covid Vaccines modify DNA and RNA”

  1. This guy started a social media company. Why on God’s green earth is he a know-it-all guru for the world. Why does this person have such undue influence now, as if he is some oracle who knows so much more than we peons. Who elected this guy Czar of anything? Why do we listen to such people? He has no medical training, no medical expertise. People, get off Facebook, seriously. Get off Facebook and Twitter. These people have proven who they are. We need to believe them. We need to stop acting as if they have wisdom or knowledge.
    They don’t.

  2. Sure, let’s have these evil people modify God’s creation. What could possibly go wrong…?

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