Paragone denounces Mario Draghi as a “hoodlum of finance”

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Senator Paragone, foundeer of the ITALEXIT movement ripped the new Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, in the Senate today. And His declamation was so eloquent that the whole nation is talking about it.

Here is an English translation of Paragone’s speech directed toward the Italian Prime Minister, whose title is President of the Council of Ministers:

“Instead of men we have put numbers and instead of instead of compassion towards of human suffering we have put the nagging of the balances accounting”

These were the words of Federico Caffè and they are words that are constant in the preaching of the of the economist from Pescara.

You tried today to pretend to be social, but all your words, put in clear light, reveal the neo-liberal ribbing that has allowed you to make a career, reveal the neo-language of a “hoodlum of Finance”, to use another expression, dear to Dr. Caffè.

You President Draghi are one of them, a hoodlum of Finance.

You spoke of the future as the one that you will build “on autopilot”, as you say, demonstrating a deep allergy to the democracy that bothers everyone.  And how much does it appear and must lead to, these reforms on autopilot, To the triumph of the multinationals of finance that devours all economic spaces to the replacement of human capital with artificial intelligence.

You have filled your mouth with ecological challenges but we have the territory raped by the ecomafias that park their capital in the tax havens of your beloved European Union.

Have you seen anything or have you seen nothing or have you seen anything or behaved like, when as governor of Banca Italia mps, you took the package of Anton Veneta, paying it by the weight of gold under your eyes.

The groups the green of which you speak will be another gift to foreign economies.

Your Phariseism insists on defining the euro as an irreversible currency. Even under East Germany they though the wall would be irreversible, but they didn’t with the desperation of the people.

With the “Whatever It Takes” model you have saved a currency but it has not repaired the human suffering produced by this.

You speak of “creative destruction of enterprises” but the ridge of a financial, health and health and social crisis neo-liberalism will produce the increase of unemployment and closure of small business and despair with the banks.

Rather you are here more for this to complete the work of Italy’s transition from world industrial power to be part of other people’s entertainment because at Goldman Sachs they teach this.

Closing that process of selling off which began with the privatizations and continued with the mysterious trick of its derivatives and with its fiscal compaque, you are here today to deliver the Italians to the fire-eater of the markets.

You can take off your hood, President Draghi, you are now the Governor of Italy, as you see there are the exceptions which cry for ITALEXIT.

Minister go home, with respectful words that with joy I will give to you to “President Draghi the hoodlum of finance”, a cry of Federico Caffè.

Senator Gialuigi Paragone was interviewed after his speech, in Italian, later this morning. For those interested, here is that interview.

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2 thoughts on “Paragone denounces Mario Draghi as a “hoodlum of finance””

  1. Senator Paragone could begin by taking off that stupid mask, especially in his interview in the open air on the street. Let them drag him from the Senate chamber. He’d be elected P. M. overnight by popular vote–if Italy like the U. S. is ever allowed to have one…

    Amazing how subservient the Italian political class including Salvini is, or has become.

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