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    1. Bitchute when it does not like a video, claims it is in endless processing. Try the Rumble version when Rumble agrees to publish it.

  1. Utterly fascinating explanation of Canon Law and conscience and how serious are the stakes we face today. I personally know of no Catholic Church where Bergoglio is not mentioned as pope, so that —plus the sacrilegious mask and glove mandates– pretty much rules out Mass and Holy Communion for the foreseeable future (and this after almost a year without either, except online, for the true Faithful). Don’t know exactly how this bad news squares with Christ’s promise that the gates of Hell would not prevail over the Church…

      1. Do you know of any channels in English or French which broadcast Sunday Mass in Benedictine communion?

        Also, if a heretical priest’s Mass is invalid, the same would apply to any sacraments we’d potentially receive from him?
        Since for almost all bishops and clergy, Benedict is gone and forgotten, our expectations, lest we commit mortal sin, must be to live without Confession, Holy Communion, Extreme Unction?

      2. No, I know of no televised mass in English or French, in communion with Pope Benedict. The Sacraments of heretics are not normally invalid, unless their heresy denies the existence of that sacrament, though those in schism cannot validly confess schismatics and those with the true Faith should never receive any sacrament from a heretic no matter what reason.

  2. Thank you for making a video in English about this! Wow. You covered all of the objections. Those who have been given the grace to know the truth on the status of Bergoglio as an antipope, yet somehow make excuses that it’s okay to attend Masses in union with him, have to understand the gravity of what their (public) participation actually says in the eyes of God. Even more graces are to be had, but only if we don’t squander the main one we’ve already received in this regard. We need to fully live out our convictions, not just pay lip service. I don’t imagine what you’ve taught here will be popular, but you spoke the truth!

  3. Thank you Brother. This is serious for my salvation. I need to go to confession. Because I have believed it for years that “Francis” is an antipope, but went to Mass to Traditional priests believing that it was necessary to still go to Mass every Sunday, even if they mistakenly named the wrong man in the canon. What if I go to confession to a priest, of whom 99.99% believe that Bergoglio is the pope and refuses to agree with my listed sin and refuses to absolve me from that sin? Will Jesus Christ still absolve me?

    1. If you did not realize it was a sin, then you did not sin. But if you conscience troubled you and you did not act upon it you did to some degree. So if you go to confession, simply confess to the priest that you have gone to masses where the priest names someone who is not the pope, and if he asks you questions, say to protect the names and reputations of others, you cannot divulge any more details than that. However if the priest accepts the heresies of Bergoglio, I doubt that his absolution will be efficacious, because he would be a heretic and schismatic formally, whereas a priest who rejects Bergoglio as a heretic, but is confused how to act, is not formally schismatic and thus can absolve sins.

  4. Fulton J. Sheen wrote on a description of the False Prophet. Bergoglio appears to fit the model. It is no accident that the road to canonization was blocked by Rom.

  5. Brother

    So my soul is troubled. It is said that the highest graces come from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and yet you say that you receive more graces by abstaining from assisting at a Mass where you believe that the priest is naming the wrong man as pope. Even Ann Barnhardt in her latest post says we should go to Mass to receive the sacrament. I think she reasons that so long as she names Benedict then that suffices. I am currently in Bristol in the UK and the only TLM is with the SSPX. I think that we can say pretty much that they mention Bergoglio in the canon of the Mass. Today I am abstaining from going to Holy Mass according to your reasoning here. Are you saying that the sacrament is confected by the priests but the graces do not flow because they are not in union with Peter? And I should abstain from this sacrament for that reason. I take it I can still go to confession to any of these priests?

    I know that the stakes are high, so high that seemingly the entire current episcopacy and cardinalature are laying themselves open to lining the road to hell. In France I have a choice of 4 places to receive the TLM. If I ask each priest who they mention in the canon of the Mass, and the response is the antipope, then I should refrain from going to their Mass, yes?

    1. Barnhardt is a convert, so do not follow her opinions about the Catholic Faith. I have given you the doctrine of the Saints and the Church. Grace does not come from the Sacraments. It comes from God, through various means: the Saints, prayer, the Mass, the Sacraments, penances, good works, etc.. To think that the greatest graces come to you only when you are at mass defies the teaching of Scriptue and the history of the Saints, such as St. Paul on the road to Damascus, at St. Francis who was stigmatized upon a mountain. — But when the mass is illicit or immoral or schismatic, it is a mortal sin to attend it, even if the Sacrament is validly confected there and Jesus is present.

      But only Catholics will understand this, when they understand that doing the will of God is the absolute necessary condition for grace. Grace is not a commodity that you can buy from any hawker.

  6. Dear Brother:
    Do you still have the video for this? There is no longer an image to click on, and I’ve searched for it on Rumble with no luck either.

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