Publicly remonstrating with Cardinal Sarah

8 thoughts on “Publicly remonstrating with Cardinal Sarah”

  1. Another of yesterday’s men to bite the bullet. Totally let down by both ++Sarah & Mueller, men of high rank at the time the Dubia was presented who could, & should have, put their signatures to that document but declined. Silent Cardinals are, by their muteness, complicit Cardinals & both have now been shown the door having their names in history sullied by standing with an idolater, blasphemer, heretical False Prophet while the real pope PBXVI’s mandate was cruelly taken from him in an immoral usurpatation that has dirtied the very nature of the Papacy itself. Both these men stood-by & watched without making any attempt to have the matter of PBXVI’s resignation investigated along with the hastily convened council which blatantly ignored PJPII’s rules for papal elections & both of which contravened Canon Law.

      1. If he’s not willing to say that Bergoglio is an antipope, I have no use for him or his ilk. He’s been a good and faithful servant up until now. When the rubber meets the road, that is when these cowards start thinking about their pensions. Pray for him? Of course.

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