The Situation in the Church is intolerable: We must go to Sutri again!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Back in September of 2018, I called for a Second Synod of Sutri. And days later, the international Association, “Veri Catholici” joined the call with a specific and formal list of accusations to be heard.

And just last week, I called on Archbishop Viganò not to ignore the precedent set there. — An article which I thank Mr. Walker of for making more widely known.

But, yesterday, the day toward Sutri hastend in double march, however.

For Cardinal Sarah publicly denied that Peter (Bergoglio) is the Rock on his twitter feed, just hours after been dismissed as Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship.

And Aldo Maria Valli, the journalist who assisted Viganò to launch his apostolate of letter writing in denunciation of the corruption in the Church, published an Essay in which he expressly denied that Bergoglio is the Vicar of Christ, the Successor of St. Peter, the exerciser of the Petrine Ministry.

I have it also, that Bergoglio dismissed Cardinal Camastri, the caretaker of the Basilica of St. Peter, on the same day as Cardinal Sarah for nothing coincidental.

I surmise that they both had remonstrated with Bergoglio in private as regards his statement made last Sunday about God “being contaminated”. — I surmise also that their dismissal means that Bergoglio is pertinacious in his heresy. — And I surmise furthermore that Cardinal Sarah’s tweet concludes rightly, that Bergoglio holds no office in the Church.

Archbishop Viganò last month, in his recent letter, admitted that he was publicly suspending judgement as to who is and who is not the Pope.  Valli’s declaration yesterday seems to explain what Viganò may be thinking.

Sara and Vigano are two leading incardinated members of the Clergy of the Roman Church. And their positions on Bergoglio are not surprising: they are merely refusing to continue in the pretense that that man is a Catholic. But they are not single men. With Camastri they lead a huge number of Roman Clergy here in the Diocese and around the world. Their public positions of dissent or disagreement will now become public positions in the Church among thousands and tens of thousands, and soon millions and tens of millions. This particularly true because they are seen by many as faithful Catholic clergy, not loony-bin heretics, of the kind with which Bergoglio loves to surround himself.

While these have not yet publicly admitted or realized that Benedict is still the pope, the problem rightly posed and rightly answered, as only a Second Synod of Sutri may be able to do, hastens closer.

And this is no layman’s call, because I have it from a contact in the Roman Curia, that Sutri is being talked about and is being recognized as as valid canonical method of solving the problem.

Therefore, as a member of the Roman Church, I call on Cardinal Sarah and Archbishop Viganò to publicly call for a Second Synod of Sutri. I call on Catholic journalists of integrity everywhere, friend or foe, to urge such a call.

The situation in the Church cannot be tolerated any longer.  It is no longer a time to remain silent!

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13 thoughts on “The Situation in the Church is intolerable: We must go to Sutri again!”

  1. Nice idea, bit it “ain’t” gonna happen. I am a Vigano supporter and doubt the primacy of Bergoglio. For now, he is just too darn clever.

      1. Br. Alexis, how in the world do you put up with such humanistic pragmatism in so many conservative Catholics? It’s not just the Modernists and apostates who are destroying the TRUTH and the CHURCH but those who refuse the TRUTH because it apparently does not fit their view of some kind of a winning strategy! The “chosen” Jewish people lost everything, including their Temple, a million of their population, and were driven off their land because they simply did not see how a carpenter from Nazareth, despised by the Temple establishment (!!) could save them and their nation! So the same reasoning fits today in the very Church Christ founded: how could merely a recognition of the true Vicar of Christ save us today? (If not treason would not Catholics abandoning Benedict at least be called betrayers??) Most of these Jews despised the Scribes and Pharisees for their corruption (as conservative Catholics do Bergoglio), but they were certain they had a better way to deliver themselves from Roman oppression, — an oppression which they forgot was divinely imposed for their own spiritual impoverishment that arose after the divine deliverance from the Greeks in the rise of determinism and legalism in the dominating sect of the Pharisees and the soon to follow “modernistic” reaction to it of apostate Sadduceeism!
        We have seen over the past decades the same growth of the same diametrically opposed elements in the Church. Today we have both opposing elements (which also united in Jesus’ day against Him!) shamefully ignoring the very Vicar of Christ allowing him to literally perish!!
        King Solomon warned his people in his day: “Except the LORD build the House, they labor in vain who build it.” (Psa. 126[127] :1
        Too many human hands and too much human wisdom has been involved for too many decades in trying to build and even save the Church. This condition in the Church was already so bad in 1917 that even Fatima despite the spectacular miracle and even claimed so by the local communist paper!) was totally ignored by the Vatican for many years! So we now have inherited a Windswept House.

  2. The situation in the OHCA Church has been intolerable since the time Jorge Bergorglia stepped onto the loggia & uttered Buona Sera. Our supine prelates have showed themselves to be obstinate in their obedience to a False Prophet (one which they had illegally elected) rather than stand with Our Saviour who gave the First Apostles, & therefore their successors, the Great Commission which was ditched at VII.

    They wouldn’t sign the Dubia & for the past eight years have by their silence supported an Idolator, Blasphemer, Modernist, enabler of homo-erotic parties within the Vatican & allowing HC to D&R & co-habiting couples (inc. homosexual ones) with hardly a s

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