It’s Time for Christians to fight back against the Scamdemic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The worst possible strategy during war is to be passive, that is, to be constantly responding to the shock and awe produced by the enemy’s attacks and advances, while offering no resistance.

This is what we Christians have been doing for the last 12 months, and its a losing strategy.

So if there is anything worthy of the Name of Christ in us, then we need to change, and change radically.

The best strategy during war is to be on the offensive and be proactive, that is, to foresee threats and prepare to encounter then victoriously, and to plan attacks where the enemy does not expect them and where they are calculated to weaken or defeat their territorial control of essential strategic points.

So in military war, so also in psychological war.

And we are in a psychological war.

In a psychological war, the weapons of evil are lies and the weapons of good are truths.  And there is no denying it, that we Christians have long been trained in such warfare since it is so similar to preaching the Gospel of Salvation and living the truth and being witnesses of the truth despite all opposition.

So we cannot excuse ourselves on the grounds of not knowing how.

And since in a psychological war we do not risk life or limb, we have no excuse if we shirk to enter the battle.

But if we are to fight in this war, we have to stop being passive and break free from the Matrix of control which makes us passive.

And that means not only that we must stop listening to MSM, but that we must start organizing fellow Christians in our local neighborhood.

And this is the purpose of this essay, to propose that every Christian reading it form an Anti-Scamdemic resistance group in their neighborhood.

Such a group can have any name, and better to have different names, so as to conceal from the Matrix how to identify them.

But the scope of the group will be to spread information of the truth about the Scamdemic off the grid, that is by word of mouth. And the strength of the group will be in numbers, since human beings are more likely to accept the truth when it is presented by a group.

So find that neighbor who is not wearing the mask, who criticized the fraud and suggest to him in private to join you in such a group . Then work out from your other personal local contacts and recruit others. Meet in private places to plan strategies, like targeting local community leaders with the truth about the pandemic. Memorize the key information to show that the masks do not work, the vaccine kills, the pandemic does not exist, the controls are not scientific or medical, the dictatorship is the goal, Christians are the target, and that critical thinking is a necessary survival skill.

What these groups can do in the future is another thing. Simply start with this small objective and work locally. Say nothing about this on the internet. Do not share this article. But go in person to individuals.

Organize, organize, and organize.

And in doing this you practice true courage, true Christianity, true charity, and true prudence. Because if things get worse, having a local network is the best preparation for responding to worse threats.

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8 thoughts on “It’s Time for Christians to fight back against the Scamdemic”

  1. One thing you must know is that we are working in God’s time. All we can do is pray, act when we can and get informed as to the truth, which is what you are supplying. The Holy Spirit will lead us at the most appropriate time, in HIs time.

    1. That time is now. To wait to know His time, is tantamount to disbelieving that He is the Lord and Lifegiver and that He is indifferent to the plots of men to kill billions. To even presuppose that the Holy Spirit wants us to wait to act is apostasy and disbelief in Him.

      For when an innocent is being murdered, there is only one act which is in accord with the work of the Holy Spirit. To intervene and stop it.

      1. Yes, if not “now” then when?
        Problem is, if I may be permitted a parody from the fables, the pickings look slim: what’s out there are ostriches with heads in the sand, or snails hiding in their shells, or schools of dead fish swimming with the stream.
        Not easy or instant, finding fellow Crusader knights in league with the Holy Spirit.

      2. But a portable megaphone and go to public places and ask, Who of you is tired of the Sanitary Dictatorship? And you will find friends immeidately.

      3. “Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength …”
        I have spent most of my adult life fighting abortion. I have fought abortion on the street level in front of the clinics. I organized an effort to shut down one clinic and we did it within eight months. I founded a pro-life women’s center with a chapel in it where we house the Blessed Sacrament, and it is still in operation. I got other parents together to fight an atrocious Catholic sex ed program, and we won against the lesbian diocesan head who introduced it. I do not need to elaborate.
        My point is that within all that work I knew that my work was nothing without God and praying to Him. It took figuring out what to do and waiting for the right moments to act.
        Brother, the best you can do is inform us and pray that your information reaches as many people past the ones who regularly read your webpage.
        The best thing we can do right now is to pray and gather our knowledge. And when the time to act presents itself we will have our wings prepared.

  2. What do you think about talking to low-level politicians? It might amount to nothing more than a skill-building exercize or demonstration but I suppose that’s worth something. So far I’ve just been talking briefly with as many people as possible as I do my shopping – doing things to which I would respond most favorably if I was on the receiving end, and what the police would be least likely to notice. So no pamphlets or anything just spoken words as quietly as possible.

    I’m wary of groups of strangers but I suppose that too would at least be a skill-building exercize. Preppers have to work in groups and the risks just have to be accepted, I guess.

    If we understand that this is God’s Wrath, the remedy is ongoing conversion and penance. And I imagine talking to a politician would be an excellent penance, as would all the other of your suggestions.

    Deo gratias for this encouragement.

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